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trans fat in canada
Trans Fats to Disappear in 2018

As of September 15, 2018, the Government of Canada will be banning the sale of all products containing partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of industrial trans fats in Canadian foods. Although Canadians have greatly reduced their intake of trans fats in recent decades (in the 1990s, we were among the world’s biggest consumers of...

hygiene des mains
Make Hand Hygiene a Part of Your Daily Routine

What’s the best way to stay healthy? By eating a balanced diet? Going for a daily jog? Drinking lots of water? All of the above! And yet, there’s one vital and easy-to-adopt habit missing from this list: washing your hands. As simple as it may seem, washing your hands is one of the best ways...

insectes tendances alimentaires
Insects on the Menu

The world population continues to grow and is projected to exceed 9 billion by 2050. Numbers like these make it painfully clear that conventional animal farming will soon not be enough to supply the world's population with meat. The search for new sources of protein is crucial and urgent. Among the possible options, insects appear...