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Pool opening: this year, do it the easy way!

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer. Pool-opening season is (finally) here!

But for many pool owners, opening their pool is still somewhat of a mystery. If terms like chlorine, pH, algaecide, alkalinity, algae and shock treatment make your head spin, these general tips will make opening your pool a whole lot easier… the first time around!

  • Always add chlorine right away at the beginning of the season. Also remove any dead leaves from the pool and start the filter. The sooner you do this the better, because heat stimulates algae growth. Starting a pool when the water is still clear will be much easier than after algae has invaded the stagnant water.
  • Never neglect the pH of your water. A balanced pH will prevent algae growth and protect the health of bathers. If you’re not sure about your water’s pH, take a water sample to a professional for analysis.
  • Algaecide will also help to prevent algae blooms. Be sure to use a higher concentration algaecide at the beginning of the season when the health of bathers is at stake.
  • Always add products in the correct quantities. Carefully read the instructions on the label, or ask a specialist to calculate these quantities for you. And above all, never add large amounts of chemicals all at once. Allow the water to regain its balance between products.
  • Keep in mind that the worst enemies of crystal-clear water are heat, leaves, a pH that’s too high, rain, a dirty filter, bathers (especially hair, sunscreen and urine) and an insufficient salt level.
  • Also remember that clear water is not necessarily synonymous with safe water. Even if the water in your pool looks clear, it can still contain bacteria, phosphates and even blue-green algae. That’s why it’s essential that you disinfect the water when you open the pool.

Having a healthy pool with clear water requires a bit of care and regular maintenance. But with the right products and the right advice from experts, you’ll be able to enjoy it all summer long (and maybe even impress your neighbours)!

Opening a pool is not exactly rocket science, but it does requires a bit of knowledge. Knowing when to add the right products and in the right quantities will mean an enjoyable and carefree summer. If only buying a new swimsuit were that easy!

Have a great summer and enjoy your pool!