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4 Reasons Why You Need To Perform Cleaning Audits


Every facility, hospital, school or public building generally implements some type of cleaning program, but unfortunately, not all audit. Which brings to mind a very important question “Why don’t they audit?” The reasons are vast and vary; they have no time, the cost of auditing, limited staff, no tools or training to do so and the list goes on.

However, it strikes upon an even more important question, “What are the ramifications of not auditing?” After much experience, research and thought on the topic, we’ve broken it down into 4 key reasons on why you need to perform cleaning audits:


Outbreaks, HAIs and the spreading of illness are preventable with effective cleaning.  Auditing allows your management to monitor and understand what is and what is not being cleaned.  The source of potential problems can be found. You can now monitor, measure and implement higher cleaning standards with your cleaning staff to ensure the cleaning in a facility is being done effectively. This in turn prevents the spreading of germs and illness and eventually eliminates their occurrences at your facility, giving your patrons, employees and management peace of mind.


Just one health scare can greatly damage you organization or facility’s reputation and put many unsuspecting people at great risk. The cost to rebuild the relationship with the public or client and to resolve the problem can be devastating. Auditing allows your inspector to identify, report and resolve any issues before they start. Auditing provides a solid and measurable foundation to promote a healthier and safer working environment for your staff, clients or any visitors to your organization or facility.

Return on Investment

Cleaning budgets can range into the tens of thousands of dollars very easily. Auditing gives tremendous insight to your management on how their cleaning staff is performing and how their cleaning budget is being spent. It allows the opportunity for continued improvement and coaching of your staff, to motivate to reach success while controlling the budget.


Clients pay top dollars for their facility to be clean and present a professional and welcoming environment. Auditing can demonstrate to your client that the cleaning of their building is taken seriously. Also, that there are measures in place to guarantee they are receiving the level of clean they are expecting and are receiving the value for their money. Simply put, regular auditing provides added value service on top of a regular cleaning contract to your clients.