Proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your floors and optimize your investment. Determining your expectations and objectives with respect to floor care will also make choosing the right equipment, sealant, finish, cleaners and tools much easier.

1. Carpets


Carpets are a must-have for all types of hard floors. How many will you need and which ones will do the best job of protecting your investment?

2. Time

How many hours will it take keep floors looking the way you want them to? Calculate this time based on the size of the area to be cleaned, the frequency of the cleaning and the desired level of sheen or gloss. 

3. Level of sheen or gloss

Does your desired level of sheen work within the reality of your activities and with those who live or work in the building? Keep in mind that high-gloss floors require more maintenance. If heavy carts and tow motors are constantly running across your floor, a glossy floor is probably not your best option.

4. Constraints

Is the building used 24 hours a day? Do some areas get more traffic than others? If so, these areas may require a different type of flooring and/or maintenance program to keep them clean and looking their best. Will you be able to maintain the desired gloss level given the building’s existing constraints?

5. Safety

How will the climate and seasonal temperatures affect your maintenance program? What steps should you take to reduce the risk of slips and falls?