The best and worst ways to use ice melter

December 16th, 2020|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

With colder temperatures looming, building owners need to be prepared for icy walkways and entrances. Salt, sand, ice melter and gravel are all popular choices but ice melter is really the most effective – when used properly. Given how well it works, the biggest mistake you could make is not using any ice melter at all. Moreover, the additional cost of ice melt is negligible when compared to the cost of injuries and lawsuits resulting from falls.   Prep your pavement If time allows, consider sealing your walkway with a commercial-grade sealant before the [...]

Foam, granules, or liquids: What is the best way to sanitize your boots?

December 4th, 2020|FB- Safety & Sanitation, Food and Beverage|

When we think about cross-contamination in a food processing facility, equipment, employee handling, hygiene and other obvious sources immediately come to mind. An often-overlooked source of cross-contamination is footwear. Pathogens such as salmonella and listeria, which are the most frequent cause of food recalls, can enter a facility on a worker’s boots and spread throughout an entire plant. There are various ways to sanitize footwear as it enters a building and each has its pros and cons.   Alcohol Alcohol is a ready-to-use sanitizer that requires no dilution. It [...]

COVID-19: Optimizing Food and Beverage Sanitation Practices in Times of Crisis

December 1st, 2020|FB- Cleaning & Maintenance, FB- Health & Wellness, FB- Safety & Sanitation|

The food and beverage industry is always innovating to better meet consumer demand and food safety requirements. The current pandemic is obliging us to strengthen plant sanitation procedures well beyond production lines. Employee safety has become priority number 1 Since the onset of the pandemic, Sani Marc has been adapting to new needs in the food & beverage industry. Among them is protecting the safety of employees with adequate hand hygiene and personal protective equipment. As a leading Canadian manufacturer of sanitation solutions and chemicals, Sani Marc has long provided these and other disinfectant products to the health sector and was [...]

Are you getting your floors ready for winter? Start with your walkway!

October 29th, 2020|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

The walkway that leads to your entrance is an important part of winter floor care. While it’s technically not a “floor,” your exterior front entrance is where clients and employees enter your building, and the same way that wet floors and uneven carpeting can cause accidents indoors, ice and snow accumulation can cause falls and injuries right outside your door. Showdown: Salt vs Ice melter In cold climates, keeping your exterior walkway free of [...]

Entrance Matting – One of the best investments you can make

October 27th, 2020|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

If you have ever entered a building and found yourself standing on a small, filthy mat, or walking through a dirty puddle of melted snow, you already know why entrance matting is important.  Non-existent or inadequate entrance mats make a lobby look dirty and smell unpleasant. Not a very good first impression for your business! Moreover, the excessive dirt and moisture can cause accidents and damage floors, both of which can get pricey. Fortunately, [...]

Are you cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting? Learn the difference.

September 23rd, 2020|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, FB- Safety & Sanitation, Food and Beverage, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

While the emergence of COVID-19 has forced us to revise our hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette, the cleaning habits of everyone from homemakers to restaurant owners have also been brought under very close scrutiny. Given that COVID-19 can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, the need to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces more has become crucial, and sanitizing has become a frequent daily ritual. With this increased focus on eliminating germs, [...]

Navigating an organic sanitation program

September 3rd, 2020|FB- Safety & Sanitation, Food and Beverage|

Few people would ever embark on a hike through the Canadian Rockies without a map and a compass. The unfamiliar terrain can be dangerous without reliable guidance. For small or medium-sized processors with limited resources, navigating the plethora of regulations and standards for an organic sanitation program can seem as challenging as a hike in the Alberta backcountry. And facing an audit can be daunting. Existing maps are confusing Together, the Organic Production Systems [...]

Using best practices for washroom maintenance helps to stop the spread of COVID-19

September 3rd, 2020|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

As the mercury on the thermometer drops, campaigns to stop the spread of the common cold and flu begin to rise. Now, in addition to the cold and flu, we have COVID-19, a new virus that, like the cold and flu, is also spread by respiratory droplets of an infected person and can survive on a variety of surfaces. Fortunately, all of these viruses can be deactivated with numerous disinfectants. And you can mitigate [...]

INSPECT FOR SUCCESS: Effective implementation of green cleaning program starts with facility audit

December 16th, 2019|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, Non classé, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

There are many reasons to establish a green cleaning program. A facility may be required as part of green building certification or staff and patrons may prefer a space that employs green cleaning. Whatever the reason, buildings with a green cleaning program have a higher cleanliness standard, enjoy better indoor air quality and their assets, such as floors, wall substrates and mechanical equipment, tend to last longer. Before embarking on a green cleaning program, [...]

Costs of Epidemics in Healthcare Facilities

December 6th, 2019|Blog, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, Non classé, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

It is now clear that biofilms in drains represent a significant risk in healthcare facilities because they can lead to numerous infections. Despite this awareness, most healthcare facilities are reluctant to invest in preventive and routine drain maintenance, arguing that they cannot afford the costs of treating biofilms in drains. Ironically, preventive drain maintenance costs are only a fraction of what it costs to treat hospital-acquired infections or epidemics. The challenge is therefore to [...]

BioAssure: Proof of Efficacy

November 21st, 2019|Blog, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

Sink drains are increasingly recognized as potential reservoirs of pathogens that can lead to hospital-acquired infections. Drain surfaces are unique because on top of being wet, hard to reach and extremely dirty, they are also used for the discharge of soiled matter. The disinfection of drains therefore cannot be approached in the same way as other smooth surfaces such as countertops, desks or tables. The bacteria found in drains can contaminate the environment if [...]

Tips for a Successful Implementation of the Bioassure Process

August 28th, 2019|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

Biofilms are reservoirs of harmful bacteria of all kinds in a healthcare setting. These include antibiotic-resistant organisms. The spread of infection from such pathogens hiding within biofilms in drains in healthcare facilities is well documented and an emerging concern in healthcare. To help remove the guesswork in controlling biofilms in drains, Sani Marc has created the Bioassure Process. This unique and effective treatment is based on Sani Marc’s Bioassure disinfectant and offers measurable results [...]

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