INSPECT FOR SUCCESS: Effective implementation of green cleaning program starts with facility audit

December 16th, 2019|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, Non classé, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

There are many reasons to establish a green cleaning program. A facility may be required as part of green building certification or staff and patrons may prefer a space that employs green cleaning. Whatever the reason, buildings with a green cleaning program have a higher cleanliness standard, enjoy better indoor air quality and their assets, such as floors, wall substrates and mechanical equipment, tend to last longer. Before embarking on a green cleaning program, [...]

Costs of Epidemics in Healthcare Facilities

December 6th, 2019|Blog, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, Non classé, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

It is now clear that biofilms in drains represent a significant risk in healthcare facilities because they can lead to numerous infections. Despite this awareness, most healthcare facilities are reluctant to invest in preventive and routine drain maintenance, arguing that they cannot afford the costs of treating biofilms in drains. Ironically, preventive drain maintenance costs are only a fraction of what it costs to treat hospital-acquired infections or epidemics. The challenge is therefore to [...]

BioAssure: Proof of Efficacy

November 21st, 2019|Blog, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

Sink drains are increasingly recognized as potential reservoirs of pathogens that can lead to hospital-acquired infections. Drain surfaces are unique because on top of being wet, hard to reach and extremely dirty, they are also used for the discharge of soiled matter. The disinfection of drains therefore cannot be approached in the same way as other smooth surfaces such as countertops, desks or tables. The bacteria found in drains can contaminate the environment if [...]

Tips for a Successful Implementation of the Bioassure Process

August 28th, 2019|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Health & Wellness, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

Biofilms are reservoirs of harmful bacteria of all kinds in a healthcare setting. These include antibiotic-resistant organisms. The spread of infection from such pathogens hiding within biofilms in drains in healthcare facilities is well documented and an emerging concern in healthcare. To help remove the guesswork in controlling biofilms in drains, Sani Marc has created the Bioassure Process. This unique and effective treatment is based on Sani Marc’s Bioassure disinfectant and offers measurable results [...]

Are superbugs as indestructible as they say?

August 8th, 2019|WW- Our Experts, WW- Safety & Sanitation|

The term superbug has become popular of late in the media. Sadly, that’s because superbugs are one of the biggest public health threats we face today and are indeed cause for serious concern. There is even talk of this being the beginning of the end for antibiotics. Although this threat is very real in the field of medicine, superbugs are less of a concern when it comes to surface disinfectants. So why are superbugs [...]

School is Finally Out – Time to Have Fun!

June 19th, 2019|PS - Health & Wellness|

With a swimming pool and a bit of creativity, the entire family can have an amazing summer vacation right in the backyard. To get the fun started, here are some easy pool games that children and adults alike will love. As a bonus, they might even get your kids to stop splashing you with all those cannonballs! Giant Pool Scrabble Playing pool scrabble is a fun and original way to work your brain power. [...]

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Are They Really?

May 7th, 2019|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Eco-Friendly Choices|

You probably get the occasional urge to do some intensive cleaning. But getting everything sparkling clean usually meaning having to go out and buy a bunch of cleaning products. When given the choice, do you buy “green”? Now that people are more aware of environmental issues, most of us try to make socially responsible decisions to reduce our carbon footprint. Things like recycling and composting have simply become an ingrained part of daily life. [...]

Ecodesign: What Exactly Does That Mean?

May 6th, 2019|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Eco-Friendly Choices|

The limited amount of available and renewable resources on our planet is making our current model of “extract- fabricate-dispose” increasingly unviable. Ecodesign is the approach to designing products so that they are more respectful of the environment and society. It’s a concept that’s becoming increasingly embraced by industries, particularly those facing ever-stricter environmental standards, such as the manufacturing of chemicals. These challenges are forcing researchers to develop formulations that meet or even exceed the [...]

Drying Show-Down: Paper Towels Vs Hand Dryers Make your bets!

May 2nd, 2019|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

Most of us know that the risk of spreading bacteria is much higher on wet or moist skin than it is on dry skin (which explains why drying so essential in good hand hygiene). But which method is better for getting rid of all those public bathroom bacteria – paper towels or electric hand dryers? Choosing between paper towels and hand dryers might seem trivial to some people. But for those who work in [...]

Clean Has No Scent

April 8th, 2019|Commercial, Industrial and Institutional, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Eco-Friendly Choices|

One of the newest issues to confront a building manager is the one of using scent in cleaning products or to use fragrances to “freshen” specific rooms such as washrooms, lobbies, cafeterias and general office. Today, there is a growing population that suffers from allergies to various fragrances, scents and odours. Their reactions can vary from mild to severe. In some cases, allergic reactions can result in a decrease in performance and an increase [...]

ECOLOGO Certification – What’s the Point?

April 5th, 2019|Non classé, WW- Cleaning & Maintenance, WW- Eco-Friendly Choices|

When it comes how ingredients are listed the labels of cleaning products, there’s no universal “green law” or regulation in Canada that manufacturers must comply with. That means it’s up to cleaning services contractors looking for safer and healthier cleaning products to carefully read the labels of “green” products to ensure they don’t contain any toxic or carcinogenic ingredients.  Third-party evaluation Manufacturers truly concerned about the safety of their green products opt to have [...]

Kitchen sponges: crawling with bacteria!

March 29th, 2019|WW- Cleaning & Maintenance|

Sponges are widely used in kitchens because they make tasks like washing dishes and cleaning countertops easy. But what’s supposed to be an ally in good hygiene can actually become a serious health risk when not used properly. That’s because the average kitchen sponge is dirtier than a toilet or even a garbage can. Just one cubic centimetre of sponge can hold up to 50 billion bacteria. That’s nearly seven [...]