Cleaning and sanitizing conveyor belts is a major headache for many food and beverage facilities faced with strict industry quality standards. Having a system that’s able to clean, degrease and/or sanitize dirty belts is essential for preventing the build-up of protein deposits and biofilms adhering to the conveyors’ surface.

Inadequate cleaning of belt conveyors can lead to contamination of the conveyor belts, with bacteria such as Listeria and Salmonella potentially spreading and contaminating processed food in circulation.

Cleaning conveyor surfaces is usually done by hand and consumes a lot of water. Unfortunately, the results tend to be less than optimal. Among others things, we typically see:

  • Imprecise and inconsistent cleaning
  • Excessive use/waste of chemicals and water
  • Damage to the conveyor surface due to high pressure washing
  • Drawn-out procedure and/or production downtime
  • Risk of accidents for employees

Solution: Brite Belt , an efficient and economical cleaning system that delivers consistent, high-quality results to meet the highest hygiene and sanitation standards.

How does Brite Belt work?

The system is easy to use: Simply attach the pad and fill the solution tank. Then attach the system to the conveyor and turn it on.
While the system is cleaning the conveyor’s surface, the employee can safely work on other tasks, since the system dispenses the cleaning solution in a controlled, continuous and uniform manner. Efficient, quality mechanical cleaning at its best!

The Brite Belt system also reduces the costs associated with chemicals, labour and down time. You get uniform cleaning and more money in your pockets!