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Is Training Maintenance Staff Really Necessary?

The answer is a resounding YES! Employers often seem to take for granted that everyone instinctively knows how to clean properly. Because of this, they view training maintenance staff as an unnecessary expense. And yet, to perform their work to the best of their abilities, maintenance staff need to be fully aware of the most...

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The War on Trans Fats

Fat is an important part of any healthy diet. It provides essential fatty acids and energy, and helps the body absorb needed vitamins like A, D and E. To function properly, our body needs a steady minimum intake of fatty acids. But not all fats are made equal. What about trans fats? Are they really...

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Housekeeping & Maintenance Ergonomics

Housekeeping and maintenance are jobs that entail numerous risks for workers. On top of having to perform repetitive movements on a daily basis, these workers also have to handle heavy objects and equipment. This strain on the body can eventually lead to musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. For janitors and cleaning staff, ergonomic fit is key...

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How to Avoid Spreading Germs during Holiday Gatherings

The holiday season is all about celebrating and spending time with the people we love. It’s also about sharing with others. Unfortunately, this “sharing” also extends to colds, flu and gastroenteritis. After all, holiday family reunions can be a massive party for germs. You only need to walk into any hospital emergency room over the...

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Surviving the Holiday Excess

The holidays are just a few days away. For many people, it’s a time of no-holds-barred excess: Non-stop eating and drinking, busy days and late nights. And, of course, several rounds of shopping-til-you-drop. All this can add up to a lot of unwanted waste, hangovers and extra pounds. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to...

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Mythes et réalités, Comment éviter les lendemains de veille difficiles

Office party season has officially begun. This inescapable tradition is a great way to have fun with colleagues in a non-work setting, but it can also be an opportunity for excess.... And that can lead to hangovers, or as it’s known in the medical community, “veisalgia.” Here are some tips for avoiding hangovers after a...

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Airports and Airplanes: Crawling with Microbes?

  When it comes to unclean public spaces, airports and airplanes are at the top of the list. It’s no surprise. Having thousands of travellers from all four corners of the globe coming and going on a daily basis certainly makes cleaning difficult for maintenance staff. The problem is that when certain areas aren’t adequately...

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Top Hiding Spots for Germs in Hotel Rooms

Did you know that cell phones contain up to 18 times more bacteria than the average toilet handle in a men’s public washroom? Now imagine what the telephone in a hotel room is crawling with after being used by the countless customers who stayed there before you did. There’s no arguing that one of the...

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What Do Food Expiry Dates Really Mean?

A lot of people throw out food as soon as it reaches its expiration date. But can you actually poison yourself by eating expired food? The dates marked on packaged foods are important and useful, but only if they are properly understood and interpreted. And that’s where the problem lies. Vast quantities of perfectly healthy...

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Inspiring Food Guides

Canadians can expect to see a new Canada’s Food Guide before the end of 2018. This redesign is great news given that the current version , which dates back to 2007, is fairly outdated. The new guide is expected to take a broader view to food and focus more on how we should be eating...

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