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Protecting Pets from Harmful Products

Having a pet like a cat or dog is often like having a baby. Well, perhaps not exactly like having a baby, but there are quite a few parallels. Among other things, you have to be careful not to leave dangerous products lying within reach. Especially if your pet likes to eat everything in sight...

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Beer Brewing: It All Begins with Ultra-Clean Facilities!

Canadians drink more beer than any other alcoholic beverage. In fact, Canada’s beer brewing industry is at least three times bigger than its wine and spirit industries combined! Even more staggering is the fact that one in every 100 jobs in Canada is related to the beer economy, which generates $5.8 billion in government tax...

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Pool closing
So Long Pool Season, Until Next Year!

It’s already that time of year: Time to close our pools for the winter. Sure, it’s the same old fall routine – but do you really know to properly close your pool? If you’re not sure, the following steps and tips could save you a considerable amount of time, money and energy. They’ll also help...

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pH Scale
The ABCS of pH

Not really sure what “pH” means, aside from the fact it has something to do with swimming pools? If so, you may want to continue reading... In fact, anyone who regularly does cleaning should know the pH scale. This applies even more so to those who do cleaning as part of their job and want...

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Air Jet Swiming Pool
How to Optimize the Quality of Your Pool Water

Summer is in full swing. It’s hot and sunny, and pools are a getting a lot of use. Maintaining pool water isn’t always easy, so here are a few tips for keeping it clean and clear right into the fall. First, be sure to keep the water level in your pool high enough because water...

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Pool Germs
Are Public Pools Swimming in Germs?

Spending a summer afternoon at a local swimming pool is an inexpensive way for kids and adults alike to keep cool and have fun. But it’s not just families who love public pools. Bacteria and germs do, too! Pubic pools with inadequate cleaning practices and fellow bathers who ignore the pool’s hygiene rules can expose...

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Fear Audits No More!

  All businesses in the Food and Beverage sector are subject to a yearly third-party audit. Whether its GFSI, ISO 9001 or HACCP, such audits are designed to evaluate a company's practices with regard to food hygiene and safety, cleaning and sanitation, and sometimes even allergen controls throughout the entire process (from design to delivery)....

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Kids play in the pool
School is Finally Out – Time to Have Fun!

With a swimming pool and a bit of creativity, the entire family can have an amazing summer vacation right in the backyard. To get the fun started, here are some easy pool games that children and adults alike will love. As a bonus, they might even get your kids to stop splashing you with all...

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Sécurité autour de la piscine
Pool Safety Tips

It’s been another long winter, but our favourite time of year is finally here. Ready for some fun in the sun? Like clockwork, as soon as the warm weather hits, Canadians of all ages flock outdoors with sunscreen and ice cream cones in hand, ready to take on the summer heat. And if you’re lucky...

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