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Biofilms in Drains: A New Plague for Healthcare Facilities

Biofilms are a sticky matrix of proteins and sugar polymers created by bacteria as a way of protecting themselves. More specifically, biofilms consist of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and fungi, viruses and microscopic algae, and frequently show up inside pipes and in other very humid locations. Biofilms are ugly, smelly and uncomfortable to touch. But more...

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Getting Rid of Bedbugs: Knowledge is The First Step

Bed bugs can appear anywhere, even in the cleanest of hotels. These minute “vampires” like to bite people at night as they sleep, leaving victims not only with skin lesions, but sometimes with severe anxiety as well. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of because they shy away from light, preferring to hide in...

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Bedbugs: World’s Best Travellers?

Bedbugs have made quite a comeback in hotels in recent years – primarily through travellers and their luggage. Because bedbugs can have serious impacts on people’s health and quality of life, knowing how to recognize them is important. That way, not only will you be able to act quickly, but to control and even prevent...

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Using Chemicals in Food Areas

In the past, in order to use non-food chemicals such as degreasers, sanitizers, and conveyor lubricants in a federally inspected processing facility, the product’s manufacturer had to obtain a letter of no objection from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Most of these federally inspected plants were food producers involved in interprovincial trade or international...

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Gluten-Free Food: The Latest Trend or a Lifestyle Worth Adopting?

For a very long time, wheat went hand-in-hand with good health. In fact, at one time it was the key staple in many people’s diet. But a growing number of consumers are now associating gluten-free foods with higher energy levels and weight loss. A recent study even reported that 78% of people who buy gluten-free...

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Allergens 101

Sarah is an active little girl who is hungry all the time! But even when her mom makes her favourite food, eating is no longer fun. Sarah suffers from several severe food allergies. Just a few weeks ago, Sarah was rushed to the hospital and almost died. Simply because she had eaten something containing an...

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Advantages and disadvantages of the different hand drying methods. Which one is the best?
Drying Show-Down: Paper Towels Vs. Hand Dryers Make your bets!

Most of us know that the risk of spreading bacteria is much higher on wet or moist skin than it is on dry skin (which explains why drying so essential in good hand hygiene). But which method is better for getting rid of all those public bathroom bacteria – paper towels or electric hand dryers?...

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Les allergies alimentaires semblent être en hausse depuis quelques années. Quelles sont les causes qui expliquent cette augmentation?
Food Allergies: A Growing Problem?

There has been an alarming increase in food allergies in recent years, especially among children. It has been reported that the number of children suffering from food allergies has jumped by nearly 20% in 10 years, with serious cases becoming increasingly common. The biggest increase appears be peanut allergies. A reported 1 in 50 children...

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Tips for preventing flooding during the snowmelt runoff in the spring.
Tips and Tricks for Surviving Flood Season

Here’s some good news: Spring is finally here and warmer weather is at our door. The bad news is that all that melting snow can create a lot of water damage. According to Environment Canada, snowmelt runoff is the most common cause of flooding in the country. This type of disaster can wreak havoc with...

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Disinfecting walkers and other shared equipment in hospitals and seniors’ homes can reduce the risk of spreading infections.
Disinfecting Shared Equipment: Simple But So Essential!

  There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about nosocomial infections (infections acquired in a hospital or healthcare setting). Seniors are among those most vulnerable to this type of infection. As we age, various factors increase our risk of acquiring infections These include incontinence, the presence of wounds, a weakened immune system, incomplete...

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