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“Chemical free” cleaning!

Numbers, product performance claims and “chemical free” cleaning…

Imagine you were talking with a well spoken, personable individual dressed in expensive designer clothes at a charity event about how the right investments in the stock market have made huge amounts of profit. I am sure at that point you would feel very warm and fuzzy at the thought of a large quantity of dollars.

What if the person claimed they had accumulated huge amounts of dollars and could be considered financially independent? Perhaps your attitude towards them would become more favourable as well.

What If the person said in fact that they had trillions of dollars? Would you still have a favourable opinion towards the person?

What if the person told you for USD$100 they would tell you how to become a trillionare as well? Would you be running to the nearest bank to get the money or would you wonder what is going on?

Imagine you paid the USD$100 and were then told to go to an online auction site and you could buy trillions of Zimbabwe Dollars for around USD$20 plus shipping and handling. What would you think of the person then? Would you feel cheated and abused or believe you made a sound financial investment?

When it comes to selling “revolutionary” technologies which can eliminate the use of chemicals you are usually bombarded with performance numbers, technical reports and testimonials. More numbers are better just like more dollars are better. But are your numbers of real value or near worthless? Does the technology really do what it claims?

Most people don’t know how to technically evaluate the information so don’t let quantity of information disguise itself as quality of information. Is the technology recognized by the major independent third party certification organizations Green Seal or Terra Choice? Claiming to exceed a standard from the organizations above is not the same as being certified by these Organizations. Without a fully independent third party certification it is “buyer beware”.

Lastly as for chemical free claims, every physical object in the universe is made of chemicals including water, salt, our bodies and the air we breathe. When someone claims chemical free anything, in my opinion they are likely playing on the idea that chemicals are bad so they are pleading to your emotions and not your logic. In our everyday interactions only Time, Energy and Thought are not chemicals. In my experience Sunshine and Imagination have never washed my car on a Saturday morning.

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