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Choose the right paper systems ?

How to choose the right paper systems for your company?

One of the largest maintenance expenses that a company incurs over a year is in the hand towel and bathroom tissue category. Every few years, companies are faced with the dilemma how to make the best choice to meet their company objectives. Here are a few guidelines:

Certifications – Choose products that have received third party certifications such as Ecologo, Green Seal or equivalent. A third party certification offers assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.

Packaging Options – Choose options that provide you with the correct balance between minimizing packaging components and the need for hygienic and secure packaging. Ensure all packaging is recyclable and easy to discard.

Manufacturing Process – The manufacturing process used to produce your hand towels and bathroom tissue can be vastly different from one manufacturer to another. To ensure that your choice is minimizing your carbon footprint, look for a manufacturer that uses the maximum amount of recycled content in its production, and that minimizes energy and water use.

Dispensing Options – Reduction of waste is the best way to control your environmental footprint and your costs. Choose a hand towel and bathroom tissue option that will provide controlled dispensing options and will decrease the potential for cross contamination in your facility. When choosing hand towels, Hands Free, controlled dispensing options are a great solution for reducing waste, costs and the potential for cross contamination! Jumbo rolls in bathroom tissue can help to reduce waste and ensure that there is product available every time you need it!

Quality Price ratio to meet your users needs – Hand Towels and Bathroom tissue come in a variety of price / quality options. Choose the option that meets the needs of your users and your budget.

Partner – Choose a distributor that can offer you superior service in terms of service and training. The correct training can prevent many issues from arising when you transition to a new Hand Towel or Bathroom Tissue System. Often, when users understand the motivation and benefits for the change, the number of issues and complaints are drastically reduced.

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