Having flawless floors depends a great deal on using the right floor pad. Unfortunately, floor pads are not all created equal.

Nor are they interchangeable. Each one has its own unique properties, qualities, and uses. These nuances can sometimes seem trivial, but when combined, they can make a huge difference to your assets and profits in terms of productivity and labour costs.

Floor pads are normally chosen by colour, as specific colours indicate specific tasks – cleaning, scouring, polishing, burnishing, stripping, etc. As a general rule, the darker the pad, the more heavy-duty the job. Conversely, the paler the pad, the more it’s suited to light tasks and delicate surfaces. That being said, there can be a few exceptions.

You also have to consider the quality of the pad. High-quality pads will help support your sustainable development objectives in a number of ways. Among other things, they will:

  • Reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals needed
  • Reduce the amount of floor strippers and finishers needed
  • Reduce worker exposure to chemicals
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment

There are several factors that go into a good floor care plan; using the right floor pads is just one of them. It’s also important to use the right floor equipment, cleaners, finishes, and strippers – in the right quantities and frequency.

Final point: Always use the right pad for your specific device and type of floor finish. If in doubt, talk to a floor care expert. That’s what they’re here for!