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5 things I wish Facility Management Decision Makers would better understand

  • Matting – the best investment most facilities can make.  It traps dirt at the door.  A lot of dirt if you have the correct mat, the proper length at every entrance. Much easier and less costly to pick up dirt on a mat that to try to find it and remove it once it enters your building. The other day, someone used the analogy that matting is like using a shovel to remove dirt compared to tweezers. Still, most facilities don’t invest enough in good, quality matting.
  • ‘No finish’ flooring – In many cases (not all), flooring without floor finish is much more difficult to clean. Savings may be earned by not finishing floors, but extra costs may be incurred trying to keep floors clean. Here is a real life example. Two hospitals installed the same ‘no finish’ flooring.  One chose to put floor finish on the floor, the other did not.  Several years later, the hospital that chose to use floor finish has great looking floors that are easy to clean and maintain. By implementing a great floor maintenance program, they have also been able to avoid the annual stripping and refinishing of their floors. The other, has floors that are now very difficult to clean, damaged and in many places look unsightly. Before deciding not to use floor finish, I strongly suggest that decision makers visit 10 buildings that have installed the recommended flooring for several years to see the condition of the floors to better understand the challenges of cleaning these ‘no finish’ floors.
  • Investment in quality technologies does save money.  I was at a trade show a few weeks ago.  A delegate walked into our booth and started to explain he could no longer afford to look at a certain brand of equipment because it was too expensive. He really liked the equipment and had purchased it in the past.  He then explained that the autoscrubbers that he had purchased were 15 years old, still operational and used daily. He wished he could afford to buy more. I asked if he had any other brand of autoscrubber that has lasted over 15 years with daily use. He said no.  We need to continue to educate on how to calculate return on investment for quality technologies.
  • Dirty tools and equipment can’t clean.  If your bucket and wringer are dirty, your mop is grey and smelly, your vacuum is full of dust with a bag that is full, your broom bristles are gummed up and crushed,  the cleaning task is not being performed.  You are spreading dirt and germs evenly around your building. The cost of the labour that is being invested to perform the cleaning task is being wasted. Cleaning needs to remove both the dirt we can see and the germs that we cannot.
  • You need to inspect what you expect. The most common reason for not doing inspections is that there not enough time in a day. Frequent inspections can correct minor problems before they become major issues. They ensure you are delivering a quality service. Inspections are mandated in most other professions. For cleaning to be viewed as vital to the relationship with customers, employees, residents and/or patients, quality must be priority. Inspections are a key component to communicate the value of cleaning.
  • We would love to hear from you.  What do you wish influencers and decision makers in facility cleaning would better understand? What are your pet peeves? What can be done to better communicate the value of clean? Join me in the conversation on Twitter @EnviroWeezy (@EnviroLoulou in French) or add me on LinkedIn.

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