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Clean for Health …Yesterday and today

In 1922 Geoffrey H. Wood started out in business with only one product. It was the lowly 4 oz cone cup. He had a vision and a passion to sell, for if you don’t sell, you do not eat!  “GH” called on all the Insurance Companies in Toronto and promoted his Konex Cone Cups. His “Clean for Health” program would help reduce sickness and absenteeism, he assured them. If the Purchasing Agent did not buy any cups on the first or second call, he would leave some (10 or so) on his desk, saying to use these instead of the tin cup chained to the water bubbler. “I want you to be well, when I come back in a few weeks.”

For those who thought these cups were costing money, and the chained cup doesn’t, he would pry off the drain screen and show them the large bacteria laden phlegm-like gel that surrounded the pipe. Almost instantly, he made the sale. He explained to the Purchasing Agents that for the small investment in cups, their employees would be at work instead of absent with something they had picked up at the water bubbler. His “Clean for Health” claim was a success 90 years ago.

Today, we are still promoting “Clean for Health” for our customer’s employees as well as our own. Geoffrey sold the company in 1987 at the age of 91 and later died at the age of 99 in May 1995, but his vision lives on! I had the privilege of working with him on a day-to-day basis for 22 years.

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