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Perfect Dilutions for Optimal Efficiency

Most professional cleaning products have to be diluted with water before being used. However, each product has its own dilution ratio depending on its composition, the soil level, the surface and the cleaning tools and techniques being used. That’s why it’s important to always to follow the instructions on the label. Improperly diluting a product [...]

Indoor Odours Be Gone!

Spring is a time of sun, buds…. and foul odours. And anyone who has ever tried can you how hard it can be to get rid of odours in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and other similar spaces. To truly eliminate unwanted odours, you first have to pinpoint the source of the problem. Otherwise, the smells will [...]

Why is Hand Hygiene important?

Proper and appropriately frequent Hand Hygiene has been identified as a very important practice inInfection Control strategy. Hand Hygiene is about removing microbes from our skin’s surface. Sometimes it is through physicalwashing and sometimes it is from the chemical action from hand sanitizers. These actions are the“What” – their performance causes improved Infection Control results. [...]

Environmental Responsibility is Part of our Day-to-Day!

A company that adopts better environmental practices shows its customers that it cares about the planet and the future of its inhabitants. It’s important to walk the talk! The efforts we make with the “3 Rs” to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle allow us to reduce our ecological footprint We are proud to be a responsible [...]

Tips For Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is a popular choice for kitchen appliances. It’s stylish and reflects light beautifully. Keeping its glossy surface looking clean, however, can be a challenge. The biggest complaint? Fingerprints. Stainless steel may be very corrosion-resistant, but not 100% rust-proof. Fortunately, it tolerates frequent cleaning well, and routine maintenance will even help to keep it [...]

5 Things to Consider when Creating a Floor Care Budget

Proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your floors and optimize your investment. Determining your expectations and objectives with respect to floor care will also make choosing the right equipment, sealant, finish, cleaners and tools much easier. 1. Carpets Carpets are a must-have for all types of hard floors. How many will you need and [...]

The ABCs of Cleaning by Colours

Using microfibre cloths and a colour-coded cleaning system will result in cleaner, more hygienic facilities. It will also reduce the risk of cross-contamination considerably. There is no formal national standard for which colour should be used for which application. However, many facilities follow the National Patient Safety Agency colour coding scheme: Red/pink cloths are often [...]

The 5 Biggest Bacteria Breeding Grounds in Kitchens

Kitchens are hotbeds of bacteria – often in the most unsuspecting places. Here are 5 things you probably need to pay more attention to:   Sponges Sponges contain more than 10,000 bacteria per square inch! Wash or replace your sponges regularly. You can also disinfect them by wetting them and zapping them in the microwave [...]