There’s Germs on Your Screen

Did you know that there are 18 times more bacteria on a touch screen than on a toilet handle? That includes smart phones, tablets, video games, ATMs, grocery store self-checkout machines, self-service kiosks at fast food outlets, airport check-in kiosks and even touch screens in cars. If it’s a touch screen, you can be fairly sure it’s crawling with thousands of germs! What’s more, these microscopic bacteria could be carrying viruses such as E. coli. C. difficile or even MRSA. Should you be worried? In theory, you needn’t fear touching these surfaces, even if they are particularly dirty – provided you immediately wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Contamination is only a problem if you touch a touch screen with your fingers and then direct your fingers towards your eyes, nose or mouth, which are the body’s main “entry gates” for microorganisms. Keep in mind, however, that the [...]

Thank your cleaner day

Wednesday October 18 is Thank Your Cleaner Day, a special day dedicated to cleaners to show they are valued and appreciated for keeping our environments clean and hygienic every day for all of us. Conducted for the first time in New Zealand in 2015, Thank Your Cleaner Day has spread widely. They now want to recognize the hard working cleaners around the world, who often work outside office hours and therefore out of sight. It is a chance to say “Thank You!” for everyone working in a facility that is cleaned by professional cleaners (in hospitals, shopping centers, offices, warehouses, nursing homes, etc.). For this special day, download our free Thank You Card(s) to show your appreciation to your professional cleaner : Conducted for the first time in New Zealand in 2015, Thank Your Cleaner Day has spread widely. They now want to recognize the hard working cleaners around [...]

Is Eating at Your Desk a Good Idea?

It can be tempting to spend your lunch hour at your desk, sending emails, surfing the web or watching videos on YouTube. Admittedly, this can be a practical use of your time, but it can also create the ideal conditions for spreading germs. That’s because desks are veritable bacteria magnets. More than half of all workers eat at their desk, but only 20% of clean them before eating! Desks are crawling with microbes! The typical workspace can host 400 times more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. Traces of norovirus (gastro), influenza, MRSA and E. coli can be found on desks. The average desk harbours 10 million bacteria. That’s 100 times more than the average kitchen table! The average office phone headset has over 25,000 microbes per square inch. 20% of workers never clean their mouse or keyboard. Pro tips and advice Provide employees with a friendly [...]

Online Shopping: The Smart Way to Shop!

The Internet has completely revolutionized our way of life in the last decade, including how we shop. More and more people prefer to buy online – both at home and at work. So why is e-commerce so popular among buyers? Here are the 4 main reasons to shop online: Choice: Product selection is often limited in stores and sometimes products are no longer in stock when you arrive. The Web offers a virtually endless selection of products, which are presented in detail, making it easy to shop for multiple brands and products in one place. Ease: Online shopping sites are increasingly intuitive and easy to use. Many offer tutorials, how-to videos and even on-line chat support with experts to make your online shopping experience enjoyable and easy. Convenience: Buyers can place orders whenever and wherever they want. Being able to buy products in just a few clicks [...]

Are “Free” Foods Here to Stay?

We’d be willing to wager that if you’ve attended any sort of dinner party lately, the guests included at least one person who didn’t eat gluten, another who was now vegan and probably still another who had sworn off dairy. Pleasing everyone, it seems, is becoming a sizeable challenge. Gluten-free, lactose-free, meat-free, soy-free, egg-free, seafood-free, fat-free, caffeine-free, GMO-free, sulfite-free, peanut-free, walnut-free, sesame-free, mustard-free…. The list goes on and on. “Free” foods have indeed gained plenty of ground in recent years, and the food industry has no choice but to meet this growing customer demand. In fact, more and more customers are seeking out these foods not because they are necessarily allergic or intolerant to them, but rather in an attempt to improve their eating habits. Others are choosing free foods for ethical or ecological reasons. Many people who do not actually “need” to eat gluten-free, lactose-free or [...]

3-sink dishwashing method

The 3-sink dishwashing method is widely known and used in food establishments such as restaurants, bars and cafeterias. When done properly, it completely removes all dirt from surfaces that come in contact with food. The steps are simple, but very important: 1) Pre-wash: Before tackling the washing, try to scrape off as much food as possible. This will allow the detergent used in the next step to work more efficiency 2) Wash: This step uses a detergent solution to remove dirt, microbes and allergens from the surfaces. The detergent must be approved for food use, and able to dissolve and remove dirt. It should be completely soluble in water and not damage work surfaces. 3) Rinse: This is the final washing step. It removes any dissolved substances or detergent residue remaining on the surfaces, which could decrease the effectiveness of the sanitizing solution. 4) Sanitize: This step [...]

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