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Disinfectants in Food Service Applications

Disinfectant products are used on many environmental hard surfaces in the “away from home” marketplace. Most of these surfaces are not considered food preparation surfaces and our regular understanding of disinfection will apply in these situations. However on Food Preparation Surfaces there are slightly different rules which need to be understood.


L’utilisation des désinfectants dans les services alimentairesFood preparation surfaces

Any Food Preparation Area in a commercial / institutional building may have what are classified as Food Preparation Surfaces. Some examples of these surfaces are food preparation counters and equipment in food court vendor areas, kitchen counters in kitchens for hire in recreation centres and serving buffets and counters in the preparation areas in school cafeterias or in healthcare facilities.

An area or room with the primary purpose of preparing or serving food is likely to be considered an area where Food Preparation Surfaces exist


Public health inspector expectations

These Food Preparation Surfaces will be reviewed and treated separately with regards to disinfection and sanitizing by Public Health Inspectors than other areas within the same building. These surfaces are expected to be cleaned first and then…


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