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Do Multi Surface Cleaners Really Work?

Housekeeping involves cleaning and sanitizing all sorts of different surfaces. While some products are considered “multi-surface cleaners,” they do not necessarily offer optimal results on all surfaces and on all types of stains. The good news is that some multi surface cleaners are more versatile than others because they are formulated to efficiently clean most surfaces such as floors, walls, windows, and appliances.

Their main role is to remove visible dirt on surfaces, often prior to sanitizing or disinfecting.

There’s no denying that all-purpose cleaners have revolutionized the work of cleaning professionals, who no longer need to buy dozens of cleaning solutions – all of which require proper storage and training for staff.

Using a multi-surface cleaner will save you time, money and space; it will also make life easier for your cleaning and maintenance staff.

A good multi-surface cleaner will remove dust, water stains and fingerprints, and can be used on countertops as well as on mirrors and windows. In other words, you can reduce the number of cleaning products you need from over 20 to only 3 or 4. Of course, this Multi surface cleaners offer multiple time- and money-saving benefits.does not include any sanitizers, disinfectants or specialty products that a particular establishment may require.

Using a multi-purpose product also reduces the risk of errors, breakage and losses due to using the wrong product.

Good for staff and labour costs, too
In terms of labour, multi-purpose cleaners will cut down the amount of trips staff need to make to change products for each surface being cleaned. Not having to train individual employees on how to correctly use two dozen products will also save trainers/quality managers a considerable amount of time. And as we all know, time is money.

Main benefits of multi-surface products

  • Fewer products needed
  • Cheaper
  • Safer
  • Easier to use
  • Easier to train employees

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