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EcoLogo® – A Green Certification

EcologoThe environment has been a hot topic in recent years, and it now plays a key role for the large majority of Canadian companies. This globally recognized certification allows companies to submit products with a reduced environmental impact to its certification process. The certification applies to a wide variety of industries, including cleaning products, electronics, paper, ink, toys, office equipment and building materials.

Referenced by over 350 standards and specifications, EcoLogo® certification requires submitted products to meet or exceed the established criteria. The scientifically developed eligibility criteria have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by several parties. Products are entirely evaluated by a third-party, EcoLogo® UL, which is the company responsible for issuing the certification. In no way is the customer or manufacturer involved in the evaluation process.

An EcoLogo® product has several advantages. It stands out from competing products and reassures consumers about its impact on the environment as well as on the health and safety of humans and animals.


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