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Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

Since summer is synonymous with ice cream for most folks, here’s a fun read about our favourite frozen treat! Read on to learn 20 fun and surprising facts about ice cream, the dessert of choice for folks of all ages.

Fun Ice Cream Facts

  1. It takes about 50 licks to finish a single-scoop ice cream cone.
  2. Most ice cream is sold on Sunday.
  3. Canadians buy more ice cream during the winter than during the summer!
  4. The first Saturday in February is International “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.”
  5. A restaurant in Prince Edward Island sells a locally inspired flavour of ice cream: lobster!
  6. The main ingredient in ice cream is air.
  7. Sorbet is very similar to ice cream, but contains no cream or milk.
  8. cowThe average cow can produce enough milk during its lifetime to make 34,000 litres of ice cream!
  9. Ice cream headache – also called brain freeze – is caused when something cold hits the roof of your mouth (often due to eating ice cream too fast).
  10. Vanilla is the most popular flavour of ice cream. Chocolate and chocolate chip rank second and third respectively.
  11. Canadian law states that ice cream must contain at least 10% milk fat, whereas ice milk contains between 3 and 5%. Ice milk also contains more calcium and protein.
  12. A “reasonable” serving of ice cream is only 125 ml (½ cup).
  13. An ice cream cone can contain as many calories as a full meal! (A two-scoop chocolate-dipped waffle cone topped with caramel and whipped cream can have as many calories as a three-course meal!)
  14. The average Canadian eats nearly 10 litres of ice cream each year.
  15. ice-creamAustralia is the biggest consumer of ice cream; Aussies eat an average of 16.6 litres per year.
  16. 5% of pet owners admit to regularly sharing a spoonful (or two) of their ice cream with their pet.
  17. Ice cream dates back to 200 BC China, where the Chinese originally mixed snow or ice with rice and saltpeter (to crystallize the mixture) and then froze it to create the first “ice cream.”
  18. Until 1800, ice cream was considered a rare and exotic dessert that was enjoyed only by society’s elite.
  19. 90% of North American families now enjoy ice cream.
  20. July is National Ice Cream month.

But it’s the two secret ingredients that make ice cream so tasty: good times and happy childhood memories.

So what will it be: vanilla or chocolate?