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How to Avoid Spreading Germs during Holiday Gatherings

The holiday season is all about celebrating and spending time with the people we love. It’s also about sharing with others. Unfortunately, this “sharing” also extends to colds, flu and gastroenteritis. After all, holiday family reunions can be a massive party for germs.

You only need to walk into any hospital emergency room over the holidays to see how big of a problem this can really be….

The best way to prevent infection is by washing your hands often and by keeping them away from your eyes, nose and mouth. What about all those holiday kisses, handshakes and embraces? They are huge spreaders of viruses, too. If possible, keep hugs to a minimum and give pecks on the cheek rather than wet, sloppy kisses. And once you’ve greeted everyone, go and wash your hands one more time!

Other helpful tips:

  • One of the surest ways to pick up germs is by sharing glasses and utensils. Keep an eye and/or close grip on your glass and plate. Not everyone at the party will be paying attention. In fact, some people really don’t care which plate or glass they are eating/drinking from (especially after a few drinks).
  • If you’re hosting a holiday party, leave a bottle of hand sanitizer within everyone’s reach to help prevent the spread of viruses.
  • Though it may not be easy, try to keep your distance from anyone showing symptoms of contagious infections such as colds, flu, etc. – even if means offending them with your aloof and distant attitude.


Colds and flu: Contagion begins two days before the onset of symptoms and lasts for up to three days after symptoms have disappeared.

Gastro: Contagion begins at the onset of symptoms and lasts for up to 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared.

• Sleeping for at least seven hours a night will keep your body rested and therefore better able to fight off germs.

• If you get sick, stay home! It’s better to miss a party than to infect the entire family!


On that note, have a happy and HEALTHY holiday season!