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How to Choose the Right Autoscrubber for Your Company’s Cleaning Needs

No one likes dirty, nasty-looking floors. And floors always need to be cleaned – whether it’s at home or at work, in a commercial or an industrial setting.

In the case of commercial facilities and factories, floor cleaning goes well beyond simple aesthetics. Health, hygiene and safety also need to be considered. In such environments, it takes the right cleaning tools and methods to achieve floors that are impeccably clean and residue-free. A quick once-over with a broom, vacuum cleaner or mop just won’t cut it.

The solution? Auto scrubbers

Autoscrubbers are among the very best equipment you can use to clean any hard surface. But finding a “good” auto scrubber is not so simple. Not only do you need to consider the machine’s purchase cost, but its maintenance requirements as well.

Questions to ask when shopping for an autoscrubber

  • What type(s) of flooring do you need to clean?
  • What is the size of the surface to be cleaned?
  • How dirty does the floor get? What type(s) of dirt?
  • Are there any narrow or hard-to-reach areas that need to be cleaned?
  • Is electrical power easily accessible everywhere you need to clean?
  • How much storage space do you have for an autoscrubber?
  • How important is the machine’s noise level?
  • Do you have a lot of turnover with staff who will be using the machine?

Other factors to consider

Size of the surface that needs to be cleaned: Carefully consider the machine’s efficiency with this factor in mind; it will have a direct impact on the machine’s actual lifespan and ability to reduce labour costs.

Cleaning frequency: The more often your auto scrubber will be used, the more you’ll need a “quality” machine. The obvious goal is to maximize the machine’s lifespan with reasonable maintenance costs.

Soil level (light, medium, heavy): The more soil you’ll be tackling, the more important the machine’s performance capabilities and suitability to the task become. The same also applies to the machine’s accessories.

Labour costs: The higher your labour costs, the more you’ll have to gain by choosing a high-performance autoscrubber.

Ease of use: Also consider staff turnover. If turnover is high, stick to equipment that’s easy to use to keep employee training time as short as possible.
It may seem a long list of factors to consider, but the questions are easy enough to answer. Taking the time to do so will bring you much more value from your investment. Conversely, choosing the wrong equipment will inevitably result in additional labour, operating and maintenance costs.

Fortunately, there are many models of autoscrubbers out there – which means there’s a machine that’s right for your needs. Talk to an expert. He or she can help you weed through the options and quickly pinpoint the ideal model.