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How to Engage your workplace in office greening

Many companies have as a goal to ‘Green’ their offices in 2013  However, changing people habits can be tricky and difficult at times.  As well, often companies have many good intentions but have difficulty in implementing any changes that have a measurable impact on reducing their environmental footprint. 

Here are four ways to get employees involved:

Start a “green team.” Enlist the help of employees that are passionate about the subject and create local green teams.  Having employees that are engaged and want to make a difference relieves top management from doing all the planning and legwork.  Employees are more likely to see their goals realized when they were responsible for setting them in the first place.

Educate. Using communication vehicles that will teach employees ways they can be more eco-friendly will make it easier for them to see why being environmentally conscious is important and how it helps both themselves and the company.  Employees are often not aware of the impact that their actions can have on their environmental footprint. Awareness campaigns using many different types of media such as the company intranet site, posters and computer messages can be very effective in changing living habits.  Often employees are not aware of the amount of energy they can save by shutting their office lights when their office is not in use, how much paper they can save by printing on both sides of the paper and how much waste they can divert from landfill by implementing an office recycling program.

Provide incentive. Recognition and incentives can greatly influence the success of your green program. Giving employees a little bonus for being greener can only help.

Make it fun. Being green should never feel like a chore. It needs to be a living habit, not a task that employees feel they need to check off their to-do list.  Make it fun, interactive and acknowledge that every little gesture towards greening an office helps the company to reduce its impact on the environment.

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