Floor pads generally take a lot of abuse. There are plenty of reasons for this: Improper storage, wrong size of pad used, wrong type of products used for the type of pad, wrong type of pad used for the floor surface… the list goes on and on.

Here’s how to keep floor pads in good condition longer.

These tips may seem simple, but they will make a big difference in improving results and reducing costs.

  1. ALWAYS use the right floor pad for the job. There are different floor pads for different tasks, so be sure to use the right one.
  1. Use the right size floor pad. Using the wrong size of pad for your machine can cause it to break down and even shorten its operating life. An improperly fitted floor pad will also tend to wear out more quickly.
  1. Always install pads properly. An off-centre floor pad can wear unevenly or tear.
  1. Clean pads after using them. They’ll last longer, which will save you money over the long run.

Pro tip: If you’re unable to clean floor pads right after using them, seal them in a plastic bag to keep them damp until you’re able to clean them.