Spring is a time of sun, buds…. and foul odours. And anyone who has ever tried can you how hard it can be to get rid of odours in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and other similar spaces.

To truly eliminate unwanted odours, you first have to pinpoint the source of the problem. Otherwise, the smells will only come back to haunt you.

Once you’ve identified the source, you also have to treat it properly. In other words, you have to neutralize the molecule that’s creating the odour in the first place. Not really sure where the odour is coming from? Start by aerating the room and cleaning it from top to bottom.

Did you know that many strong odours are created by our everyday habits, without us even realizing it? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep indoor odours out:

  • Good ventilation is your best weapon against odours (especially in the kitchen).
  • Garbage cans are excellent incubators for the mould and bacteria that are often behind that awful stench. Newspaper print can be a great way to keep odours under wraps – literally. Wrapping food scraps in newspaper before putting them in the garbage will create an additional and inexpensive barrier against odours.
  • Avoid tossing food down the sink, as it can decompose inside the drain and start to stink. In fact, one of the main causes of clogged, foul-smelling drains is tossing food scraps down the drain. Using a filter or stopper will trap small pieces of food left on plates.
  • Avoid using room deodorizers, which only mask odours. Instead, use an odour neutralizer, which actually eliminates foul odours. Keep in mind that neutralized odours are undetectable, whereas masked smells are still noticeable; they’re just covered up with another smell. So don’t hide odours – eliminate them altogether!

Unfortunately, many people associate “scent” with “cleanliness” because far too many ads tell us that for a room to be clean, it needs to have a lingering scent (of flowers, lemon, pine… you name it). Changing this kind of mindset isn’t easy, but hopefully people will eventually realize that cleanliness is in fact scent-free.