The food & beverage industry is constantly being bombarded with innovations. If your work environment requires the use and handling of chemicals, here’s one that will probably interest you – even more so if monitoring and optimizing chemical consumption is a priority. Sani Marc recently launched its Total Chemical Management Platform, which measures chemicals in real time.

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How does it work?

It’s a bit technical, but basically, the Platform uses a probe to capture ultrasounds measuring the return time of an emitted sound wave. Since the speed of sound is fairly stable, distance can be deduced. The Platform uses low-power ultrasounds to measure this distance (telemetry). Since these ultrasounds have a frequency above 20,000 Hz, they are inaudible to the human ear.

In other words, the probe determines the volume of liquid remaining by using the emitted ultrasonic pulses bouncing off the surface of the chemical being measured. Constant monitoring means that consumption is tracked real time and without any contact with the chemical, making it a safe and appropriate method. What’s more, the probe has been tested and approved for all chemicals – including the most corrosive ones.

The probe connects to a module that transmits the data to a computer (or tablet) which is stored and received via a software. It can even be controlled remotely. The probe is also equipped with audio and visual alarms that warn you when a product reaches a critical level.

Users can view at all times product history, graphs and consumption (again, in real time), without needing to come into any contact with chemicals. All the information you need is always right at your fingertips!

Why is this useful?

The main drivers behind the growing interest in chemical measurement in the field of food production are ensuring control over food and employee safety and environmental protection. To avoid over- or under-consumption, products must be measured with great precision. Because of its speed and accuracy, this new platform can improve productivity and reduce the risk of errors. It also provides users and auditors with useful data reports and technical documents

What are the advantages of using the Platform?

The Platform offers a number of interesting benefits. It allows you to efficiently control chemical supply and consumption (and thereby improve food safety). It also gives you access to reliable reports, it makes it easier to control budgets, and it even customizes data according to your specific needs or procedures.

Other advantages:

  • No contact with chemicals
  • Continuous monitoring of chemical usage
  • A safe device that’s resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Consistently safer facilities
  • Control over production quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier auditing
  • Time savings

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