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Never Buy Equipment Again!

I chuckled as one of our Account Managers told me they came upon a cleaner sweating as they were pushing their extractor only to take the time to explain to him that the unit he was using was designed to be used a pull-type unit (I hope it was a prospective customer!)

This led me to believe that we should never buy equipment…but rather we should be investing in technology that can allow us to clean faster, more efficiently and with a superior cleaning result.

What is coming next to the powered cleaning equipment world that could help you? Can we expect features like:

  • HEPA filters for the vacuum exhaust
  • Squeegee blades that regenerate themselves in water
  • Self-cleaning tanks
  • I-pod docks, satellite radio or a TV
  • A plug-in to enable your tablet to help guide your cleaning schedule via GPS (there must be an APP for that by now?)
  • On board instructions in any language you program
  • An “on switch” that uses facial recognition

I am not the one who made the car industry fail by holding my investment for the last 9 years. My needs have not changed much in that time period. There was a time that I thought of buying a minivan so that my wife did not have to ride in the car seat- but we have made it through. I keep my vehicle in great running order by servicing the car. I know that someday, I will need to buy again and that the true price of the new vehicle is not the sticker price but the difference between what I pay and what I get for the one I plan to sell (can you say hello Kijiji!)

As your business adjusts to growing shortages of workers, will you be prepared to do more with less? – Are you planning your equipment purchases around your present needs or are you investing based on the new workers who will be using it in the coming 5-10 years?

  • Do you make your decisions based on soil removal, available labour hours and desired cleaning result – and not the bells and whistles?
  • Can you make it from point A to B in a faster rate or at the same speed if there were people around you?
  • Could someone else use your machine if they were not the exact same height as you or if you were not there to show them how?
  • Could you drive your scrubber if there was a crowd or would they look at you like you had no tailpipe?

Our industry will continue to strive to build better machines to keep the people we work around safer. This I remind you – do not buy equipment for today. Plan your investment for the changing times we are all going to face.

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