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No Touch Hand Towel Dispensers

One solution to helping you implement a HACCP program

HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, is a system of quality assurance to assure food safety in food processing environments. HACCP does for the food processing environment what quality control initiatives did for the auto and other manufacturing industries. The focus is on managing process rather than result. The Prime directive is to prevent Foodborne Illness.

One solution to preventing the spread of contaminants is the use of No Touch Hand Towel Dispensers. By eliminating the need to touch the dispenser, you eliminate a potential risk of contaminating clean hands. Look for a No Touch Hand Towel dispenser that is reliable, easy to use, and can accept a large roll with high capacity to prevent paper outages.

The towel cabinet should be easy to clean and should have an optional mounting bracket for easy removal when walls require spray cleaning. No touch towel cabinets are available in models that dispense paper by pulling down on the sheet or by use of electronic sensor that “senses” the presence of hands to provide the next sheet. All models should have the capacity to manually advance the roll to dispense paper in emergency situations.