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Green Cleaning Carpet Extractors

Regular deep, restorative cleaning of your carpet is critical to maintaining a healthy building. The soil, germs and spores vacuuming and spot cleaning miss, will be captured and removed by extraction cleaning. Like vacuum cleaners, The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) tests deep cleaning extractors and deep cleaning systems. Choosing Extractors with the CRI seal of approval is one way to greening your cleaning program. If you are interested in becoming LEED EB:O&M certified, using CRI approved carpet cleaning equipment will also help you earn valuable points.

To qualify for the CRI Seal of Approval, carpet extractors must meet testing requirements for three important elements of performance.

Soil Removal Standard – Percent of soil removed after water only cleaning operation- Extractors that exceed average soil removal levels receive a Bronze Seal rating. Those achieving higher levels of soil removal receive a Silver or Gold rating.

  • 55 – 69 % to obtain SOA Bronze Certification
  • 70 – 79 % to obtain SOA Silver Certification
  • ≥ 80 % to obtain SOA Gold Certification
  • Surface Appearance Change Due to Repeated Cleanings — The extractor must not harm the carpet pile. This test practice provides a laboratory test for the measurement of surface appearance change of textile floor covering as a direct result of multiple cleaning passes in a controlled environment…., eleven cleaning cycles are applied to commercial cut pile carpet for commercial specific systems. Texture appearance change is visually rated. No more than one step appearance change in the deterioration of the carpet pile surface is accepted.

Residual Moisture in carpet immediately after cleaning operation

The extractor or system must remove most of the moisture resulting from a wet cleaning process. Dirty water that remains in the carpet could be a source of fungal growth and could prolong the drying process.

It is important to have a good maintenance program for all your equipment. Well maintained, clean equipment will enhance your green cleaning efforts. A dirty machine can spread germs instead of removing them. Always make sure that when you use any carpet cleaning chemicals, their formulations are green certified and are compatible with both the carpet cleaning equipment and the carpet itself.

Extraction equipment is an important component of LEED EB:o&M IEQ credit 3.4

CRI Status


CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR Chariot iExtract Powerful, productive, deep extraction. Engineered for deep restorative extraction for carpets with heavy accumulation of soil and stains. The iExtract's high pressure, 100 psi pump, 1.2 gpm flow rate, and two 800 rpm counter-rotating cylindrical brushes sweep small debris into a debris bin and aggressively attack and remove soil and stains. The Chariot iExtract combines the innovative technology of the Chariot stand-up platform and Windsor's 35 years of experience building superior, reliable carpet extractors. The Chariot family of cleaning equipment is the industry's only stand-up platform. It is a truly innovative product that combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on. 87-CE242 – 87-CE24G
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR MINI PRO is a faster, simpler, small area extractor. 15l (4gal) solution and recovery tank. Solution tank designed with no-mess splash back protection and protective filter screen to remove debris. High performance vacuum motor for faster drying time. 87-10080390
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR CADET 7 offers unmatched value in an easy-to-use, self-contained carpet extractor. Its easy-to-use controls reduce operator fatigue. No-hose design makes it simple to fill and empty. Floating vacuum shoe follows the contour of the carpet for superior recovery. 87-CDT7
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR ADMIRAL 8 offers powerful, high speed carpet cleaning. Adjustable handle with easy-to-use, fingertip controls for superior maneuverability and operator comfort. Brush setting adjusts to eight cleaning positionsfor maximum performance. No-hose design makes it simple to fill and empty. Optional hard floor cleaning kit increases versatility and value. 87-ADM8
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR CLIPPER 12 restores your dirtiest carpets with powerful efficiency. Brush setting easily adjusts to eight cleaning positions for maximum performance. No-hose design makes it simple to fill and empty. Floating vacuum shoe follows the contour of the carpet for superior recovery. Optional hard floor cleaning kit increases versatility and value. 87-CLP12
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR CLIPPER DUO Deep Restorative and iCapsol Encapsulating Interim cleaning processes in one machine. With the Interim method using the iCapsol Encapsulating Chemical, the carpet is dry and ready for traffic in about 20 minutes.iCapsol Interim cleaning process extends the time before re-soiling occurs and reduces wicking. The Deep Restorative mode is activated by the simple change of a dial regulating the required detergent and water for deep down, fully restorative cleaning. No component changes required. Soft grip Flip-N-Go handle allows operation in a walk-behind or pull-back mode. 87-10080480
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINSOR COMMODORE DUO offers multiple options in one machine, iCapsol Interim Cleaning, and deep extraction cleaning. Change from interim to deep cleaning process at the turn of a switch— no mechanical changeover needed. Floating dual counter-rotating brushes agitate and permeate the cleaners into both sides of the carpet nap for even, thorough cleaning and improved carpet appearance. No operator adjustment needed. The DUO machines provide exceptional maneuverability and visibility; their compact design makes it easy to operate in small areas. Easy-to-use cleaning mode selection eliminates operator error and requires no mechanical changeover to switch modes. 87-10086210 – 87-10086410
CRI Seal of ApprovalWINDSOR DOMINATOR is avaiable in both 13 & 17 gal sizes. Ideal for powerful cleaning in tight areas and provides truckmount results in a portable extractor. Wide open accessibility to service components for easy maintenance and cleaning . On-board carrying system provides convenient storage and transportation of cords, hose, wand, chemical and accessory bucket. 16 Gal.: 87-10066690 – 17 Gal.: 87-10066680


Created by L'expert / The Expert | 8 March 2013