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Automatic Scrubbers

Green Cleaning Automatic Scrubbers

There is no green certification program for Auto-scrubbers. There are however guidelines that can help you make better green choices. The LEED Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance (LEED EB:O&M) guidelines do provide criteria that will result in greener choices.

The intent of LEED EB:O&M is to reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particulate contaminants, which adversely affect air quality, human health, building finishes, building systems and the environment, from powered cleaning equipment. This intent is applicable to all green cleaning programs.

LEED EB:O&M has several operational requirements before a facility can become certified. Applicants must:

  • Implement a program for the use of janitorial equipment that reduces building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Keep a log for all powered cleaning equipment to document the date of equipment purchase and all repair and maintenance activities and include vendor specification sheets for each type of equipment in use.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a policy for the use of low impact powered cleaning equipment currently being used and make a plan for upgrading to powered cleaning equipment that reduces building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact.

When it comes to cleaning equipment requirements, LEED EB:O&M has several specific requirements. For automatic scrubbers the requirements are the following:

  • Automated scrubbing machines are equipped with variable-speed feed pumps or on-board chemical metering to optimize the use of cleaning fluids.
  • Battery-powered equipment is equipped with environmentally preferable gel or AGM batteries.
  • Powered equipment is ergonomically designed to minimize vibration, noise and user fatigue.
  • Equipment is designed with safeguards, such as rollers or rubber bumpers, to reduce potential damage to building surfaces.

What is a Safer, Greener Battery for Maintenance Equipment?

  • A VRLA battery: (valve-regulated lead-acid batteries) is the designation for low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable batteries. Because of their construction, VRLA batteries do not require regular addition of water to the cells. VRLA batteries are commonly further classified as:
    • Absorbed glass mat battery (AGM)
    • Gel battery (gel cell)
  • These batteries are often called sealed lead-acid batteries, but they always include a safety pressure relief valve. As opposed to vented (also called flooded) batteries, a VRLA cannot spill its electrolyte if it is inverted. Because VRLA batteries use much less electrolyte (battery acid) than traditional lead-acid batteries, they are also occasionally referred to as an "acid-starve" design.
  • AGM: The Absorbed Glass Matt construction allows the electrolyte to be suspended in close proximity with the plates active material. This enhances both the discharge and recharge efficiency. They offer the best life performance if recharged before allowed to drop below the 50% discharge rate.
  • GEL: The Gel Cell is similar to the AGM style because the electrolyte is suspended, but different because technically the AGM battery is still considered to be a wet cell. The electrolyte in a Gel Cell has a silica additive that causes it to set up or stiffen. The recharge voltage on this type of cell is lower than the other styles of lead acid battery.


Advantages of Gel/AGM Batteries

  • No Maintenance – No Exposure to acids
  • No venting of toxic gas during charging
  • No ventilation requirements
  • Spill proof
  • Less likely to fail prematurely – less waste
  • Non-Hazardous for transport – sealed and spill proof

Maintenance Program

A regular maintenance program is vital to a professional green cleaning program. It will ensure your automatic scrubber is operating optimally at all times. As with all cleaning tasks, using green certified chemicals in your auto scrubber, combined with the necessary cleaning frequency, will lead to a clean, healthy and green facility.


Noise level is an important consideration when implementing a green program. A lower noise level protects the operator of the equipment and allows the equipment to be operated during daylight or busy hours. This can increase the frequency of cleaning and improve the overall cleaning standard of a building. It can also save on electricity if the cleaning can be accomplished during daylight hours instead of shutdown or night hours. Look for automatic scrubbers that have a decibel rating of <70dB(A).


Automatic scrubbers tend to be in operation for several hours a day. Choosing models that are ergonomically designed will enhance the health of operators. Ergonomic and comfortable operation means less tiredness and higher motivation of the staff. This leads to increased efficiency and better cleaning results.

Look for These additional Design Elements When Choosing Your Green Auto-Scrubber:

  • Walk behind models
    • Available wheel (traction) drive
    • Ergonomic and/or adjustable handles for all size operators
    • Castor wheel in the back to increase manoeuvrability
  • Stand-on models
    • Combination of speed and manoeuvrability
    • 360° visibility
    • Standing platform w/o pedals for ergonomic standing
  • Ride on models
    • Comfortable working position for long working hours…, large areas
    • Highly manoeuvrable
  • All models
    • Look for fully integrated control functions


Many automatic scrubber models strike a near perfect score when compared to LEED EB:o&M requirements.

The WINDSOR Chariot iScrub 20" is The Evolution of Scrubbing! 50% more productive than conventional 20" walk-behind scrubbers. Unparalleled visibility allowing safe operation in congested areas and small spaces. Extremely maneuverable with a 48" turn radius. Innovative pivoting squeegee requires no adjustment and provides 100% water pick up even in turns. 54 dBA at transport speed and 66.5 dBA while operating. Machine only. 87-98408350
The WINDSOR Chariot iScrub is a 24" disc stand-on automatic floor scrubber wtih a clear simple control panel that reduces training time. Ability to clean in tight, congested spaces. Full circle visibility for operator safety. Easy to transport around the building and cleaning anywhere. Fits easily into any elevator. Increases productivity by up to 50%. Reduces operator fatigue. EcoMode increases productive cleaning time by offering a quieter, less intrusive "Day Cleaning" mode. EcoMode also adds productivity by lengthening run times between recharging and refilling. 87-98406900 – 87-98406920
The WINDSOR Chariot iScrub 26" is a cylindrical autoscrubber with a clear and simple control panel. Cleaning function control switch easily allows the operator to select the appropriate transport or cleaning mode. Ability to clean in tight, congested spaces. Full circle visibility for operator safety. Easy to transport around the building and cleaning anywhere. Fits easily into any elevator. Increases productivity by up to 50%. Reduces operator fatigue. EcoMode increases productive cleaning time by offering a quieter, less intrusive "Day Cleaning" mode. Cylindrical desk model provides adjustable speeds for different cleaning applications. EcoMode also adds productivity by lengthening run times between recharging and refilling. 87-98407070
SABER BLADE 12" Electric Upright Micro-Scrubber – this compact, lightweight, upright scrubber can clean anywhere. With its rugged construction, it provides a more productive and hygienic alternative to mopping. Floors are brush-cleaned and left dry, allowing you to quickly and safely return the area to service. Dirt and contaminants are captured and removed from the floor without worker contact. Easy to use with its light weight (just 24 lbs), its easy-to-understand controls, its easy to fill and empty tanks. Its low, 4" profile allows the Saber Blade 12 to clean anywhere. 87-17832060
WINDSOR’s SABER BLADE 16" Electric Cylindrical Automatic Scrubber Compact design provides powerful scrubbing in congested areas. Two counter-rotating brushes with variable cleaning pressure, up to 88 lbs. Two squeegees for pick-up in forward or reverse. Large 2.5 gallon tanks. Solution and recovery tanks are easy to fill, empty and clean. Easy to understand control system with ergonomic handle. Cleaning pressure adjustment for effective cleaning on different floor types. Variety of brushes available for any cleaning application. Cord included. 87-17833080
WINDSOR’s SABER COMPACT 17" offers a maneuverable design adds productivity in hard-to-reach areas. On-board charger enables the operator to charge the machine quickly and easily. Large capacity solution and recovery tanks increase productivity. Hands-free spin on/off brush/pad system for greater ease of use. Simple, efficient vacuum system that completely dries the floor. Simple controls increase operator confidence and performance. Pad/brush assist propelling system increases productivity. Adjustable handle for comfortable use by any operator. 87-10066430
WINDSOR’s SABER COMPACT 20" This traction drive rugged machine construction ensures years of maximum performance. Ergonomic handle and simple controls make operation easy and increase productivity. Saber Compact increases uptime with wide-open accessibility and an overall reduced parts design. 87-SC20D1
WINDSOR’s Saber Cutter 26 automatic walk-behind floor scrubber with Aqua-Mizer™ is built to make the operator more productive. These scrubbers give the operator and the maintenance person performance and convenience features they need to get the job done faster. The Saber Cutter comes standard with Windsor’s unique Aqua-Mizer™ system. By using cleaning solution more efficiently, the Aqua-Mizer extends the time between tank refills by up to 50%. 87-SCX264B3
TASKI swingo XP greatly increases productivity. The stand-on concept with sensor steering combines excellent manoeuvrability with speed for faster cleaning. A highly efficient water management system reduces the number of time consuming tank-filling stops. Best cleaning results are achieved with micro-rotating brushes that offer improved cleaning results while saving up to 50% of cleaning solution vs conventional brush systems. The excellent drying result allows use of the machine at any time of the day, while reducing the potential risk of slip fall accidents caused by wet floors. 80-7514504
TASKI swingo 2500 and 3500 redefine the meaning of compact ride-on autoscrubbers. Patented, all wheel steering system, 100% edge-to-edge water pick-up and 4 levels of brush pressure are just 3 Swingo innovations. Higher cleaning speeds, the CSD (Cleaning Solution Dosing) System and a 40% plus increase in productivity, compared to walk behind machines contribute to the low cost in use figures. 2500: 80-8004741 – 3500: 80-8004751
Taski swingo 150 provides you with immediately dry floors! The machine dries both forward and backwards and the unique suction unit removes up to 99% of water from the floor. Manual cleaning methods leave used cleaning solution that can lead to soling by people walking on wet floors. With the unique low brush head, the TASKI swingo 150 allows quick and smooth access under shelves, racks, furniture and other objects. 80-7516212
TASKI swingo 450B is visually stunning with its low profile, modern appearance. The 20 litre reclaim tank is removable for easy servicing and cleaning. The ergodisc drived handle and control centre is proven for ergonomic superiority and safety and is height adjustable to suit any operator. The drain hose for the recovery tank permits 100% emptying to a toilet or floor drain, minimizing distance and travel time to empty/refill stations. 80-7513902
TASKI swingo 350B Accessibility of Confined Areas: Due to the very low height of the machine body and the handle which can be folded backwards the machine can reach under obstacles such as tables or racks. Cleaning & Drying Effectiveness: Compared to manual cleaning the machine delivers significantly higher hygiene levels and improves the floor appearance as well as consitency of result. 80-7516859
Perfect combination of agility and high performance. The Swingo 755B and 755E autoscrubbers are very easy to handle and offers maximum agility for use in confined areas. The dual-axle system allows to turn the machine literally on the spot which leads to excellent manoeuvrability in congested areas. The 40L tank (50L for E version) volume and the patented CSD system radically increase productivity and reduce the time consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. 80-7516823
TASKI swingo 855B Power is an agile machine with a 50 cm brush unit. This allows for very efficient cleaning, also close along walls and leads to great performance. The 40L tank volume and the patented CSD system radically increase performance and reduce the time consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. The patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure. The new and patented V-shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor. Due to the proven 3 wheel concept, adjustments of the squeegee are not necessary anymore. 80-7517571
TASKI swingo 1255B with its patented CSD – system ensures always the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor and leads to significant water savings. The 60 L tank volume, increases productivity and reduces the number of time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation.The 2 brushes with offset to side allow perfect cleaning along walls and under racks. This results in excellent soil removal and floor apprearance. The patented V-shaped squeegee allows perfect water pick-up on all floor types, even on structured and grouted/tiled floors. Special squeegee blades and a direct suction line allow pick-up of small debris (e.g. cigarette butts) without clogging. Due to the proven 3-wheel-concept, adjustments of the squeegee are not necessary anymore. 80-7516836
TASKI swingo 1650 offers a large tank (85 litres) and highly efficient CSD-system. The 1650 can clean 2500 m2 and reduces water consumption by up to 40%. Reduced energy consumption and high capacity batteries allow a runtime of over 4 hours before re-charging. The w-shaped squeegee dries the floor with such efficiency that the 1650 can be used at any time of the day. The ergonomic design and intuitive controls reduce operator fatique and keeps training to a minimum. 80-7515890


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