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Bathroom Tissue Systems

Follow these guidelines to choose the right bathroom tissue system for your facility:


Choose products that have received third party certifications such as Ecologo. A third party certification offers assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.

Packaging Options

Choose options that provide you with the correct balance between minimizing packaging components and the need for hygienic and secure packaging. Ensure all packaging is recyclable and easy to discard.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process used to produce bathroom tissue can be vastly different from one manufacturer to another. To ensure that your choice is minimizing your carbon footprint, look for a manufacturer that uses the maximum amount of recycled content in its production, and that the production process minimizes energy and water use. A manufacturer which uses renewable energy sources is preferable.

Dispensing Options

Reduction of waste is the best way to control your environmental footprint and your costs. Choose a bathroom tissue option that will provide controlled dispensing options. Controlled bathroom tissue dispensing systems will reduce waste and maintenance costs, and assures that there is product available every time you need it! Uncontrolled paper products and dispensers promote wasteful use.

Think Up-Stream

Are the hand towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue products you purchase for your facility made using the best process to reduce the impact on the environment?

Think Down-Stream

What happens when you discard your paper waste? How can you limit the quantity going to landfill?

A few interesting facts:

  • Envirologic paper products avoided the cutting of 187 093 trees in 2009. This represents  approximately 453 football fields.
  • Envirologic paper products saved 681 537 m³ of water due to a manufacturing process that  conserve water during production. This is equivalent to 273 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • Envirologic Paper Products are Ecologo certified and meet the requirements for LEED EB: O&M certification

Use this chart to select the best dispensers for your bathroom tissue towels.



TANDEM X2 Double Bathroom Dispenser | Ideal for high traffic washrooms, this new Tandem bathroom tissue system is an efficient alternative to jumbo and standard roll
systems. This X2 version has a total capacity of 2220 – 2 ply sheets. Smoked 63-1911 or White cover 63-1961


P-11 Bathroom Tissue Dispenser | Designed for both medium to heavy traffic
washrooms, the P-11 Tissue Dispenser features a large capacity to reduce labour costs
and an integrated stub roll holder to eliminate waste. 63-74217


Universal Bathroom Tissue Dispenser | The Universal Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
requires less space than most other side-by-side units. Constructed of break-resistant
plastic, this dispenser features easy front loading and a sliding panel to control usage
of the tissue. Only one roll can be accessed at a time. 63-10112


Bathroom Tissue Dispenser | The standard roll tissue dispensers are ideal for areas
requiring a heavy duty, economical dispenser. They dispense all standard rolls
including 1000 sheet rolls. The tension springs reduce paper consumption and stop
free wheeling. Front loading for easy service and maintenance. Available in both
single and double roll models. Available in single roll 57-146 and double roll models 57-150


P-4 Bathroom Tissue Dispenser | Better Safe than Empty – Enjoy the cost effectiveness of a jumbo roll system using a fraction of the space. Designed for maximum
efficiency, the 1500 sheet capacity of the P-4 dispenser ensures that your clients
should never face an empty dispenser. 63-4118


P-3 Bathroom Tissue Dispenser | Its double roll capacity reduces refill frequency and
a hidden lock prevents pilferage. The major feature of this dispenser is the automatic
core ejection. This allows the custodian to dispose of the core properly. With other
double roll systems, the core often ends up on the floor or worse, flushed down the
toilet. 57-P3


#165 Reserve Roll Tissue Dispenser | Dispenses all standard tissue rolls. Front
loading for easy service and maintenance. All stainless steel construction. 57-165


Bathroom Tissue

North River Bathroom Tissue for Tandem | North River® is the most complete line of recycled tissue paper products on the market and is also of superior quality. North River® not only exceeds the most stringent environmental standards, but is also certified by the largest number of organizations in the industry.Canadian-EcoLogo_W
1 ply – 24 standard rolls x 2220 sheets63-4009


2 ply – 24 standard rolls x 1110 sheets63-4010


ENVIROLOGIC Bathroom Tissue | Envirologic bathroom tissue is made with
100% recycled fiber and over 60% post-consumer content. Economical and
practical, this complete line of products is the perfect combination of
quality and value.
1 ply – 6 jumbo rolls x 2800'63-403620


1 ply – 12 jumbo rolls x 2000'63-403612


48X1000 1 ply – 48 rolls x 1000 sheets63-403301


32X750 2 ply – 32 rolls x 750 sheets63-403375


2 ply – 6 jumbo rolls x 1400'63-403625


2 ply – 12 jumbo rolls x 1000'63-403611


48X1500 1 ply – 48 rolls x 1500 sheets63-403315


ENVIROLOGIC ULTRA Bathroom Tissue | Envirologic Ultra Bathroom Tissue
is individually wrapped in plastic for extra protection. It offers an enhanced softness and a superior quality. They are made with 100% recycled fiber and over 60% post-consumer.
2 ply – 48 standard rolls x 420 sheets63-403302


2 ply – 48 standard rolls x 500 sheets63-403316


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