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Flat Mopping

Green Cleaning Flat Mopping Flat mopping is a combination of new tools and a new floor cleaning process. These lighter, ergonomically designed tools allow the user to change the floor cloth after each room or area. The result is

  • Reduced risk of cross contamination when compared to traditional mopping systems. Microfibre floor cloths are easily changed for each new area or room. The special properties of the fibre allow dirt and germs to be captured without being redeposited to another area.
  • Reduced worker's compensation claims as the tools are lighter and ergonomically designed
  • Reduced water use, using only a fraction of the water is required when compared to traditional bucket/wringer method
  • Fewer disturbances during the cleaning process. Microfibre flat mopping is quieter, quicker and less disruptive.

Some of the questions that should be considered when implementing a flat mopping microfiber system:

How will the microfiber products washed?

For maximum success microfibre products should be washed separately. The linting from other products may limit the microfibre cloth's ability to collect and retain the dangerous microbes it is intended to remove.

What temperature do you need to wash the cloths?

Many cloths require hot temperatures to remove soil and bacteria.

Can bleach be used during the wash cycle?

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of bleach to effectively remove bacteria and spores when cleaning microfiber, many microfiber products do not allow the use of bleach during the cleaning process.

At what temperature should the microfiber products be dried?

Most microfibers products require a low or moderate temperature to prevent premature wear or damage to the fibers.

What employee training programs are in place for using microfiber?

The proper use of microfiber is paramount in maximizing the microfiber's cleaning abilities and infection control efforts. Someone who has used a bucket and wringer to mop floors for many years will need retraining to ensure the tools are used according to the accepted process. For microfibre to work, the correct process must be followed. Without adequate training, the desired results will not be achieved

MICROBLUE DAMP MOP – Use on smooth floors for damp or dry flat-mopping. This is a good, general purpose, microfibre pad. Polyester/polyamide microfibre reduces drag on the floor. Shape is trapezoidal to get into corners. Available in 30 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm sizes. Use with KWIK or Safeguard Frames and Handles. 53-60728 – 53-60729
MICROGREEN DISINFECTION MOP – Open cell sponge interior retains chemical solution and makes this mop more absorbent. Excellent choice for applying disinfectant solution to floor surfaces. Withstands over 500 launderings. Available in 44 cm and 60 cm sizes. Use with KWIK or Safeguard Frames and Handles 53-60892 – 53-60893
SAFEGUARD FRAMES are designed for easy mopping. Their low-profile frame travels beneath door frames and the quick connector makes changing frames a snap. Velcro can be removed for cleaning or replacement. Frames for mop sizes 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm 53-60892 – 53-60893
KWIK FRAMES are designed for Professional Use in a commercial environment. Built with the highest grade extruded aluminum and composites available. Frames are chemical resistant and autolavable. Available in frame sizes to fit mops 30 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm sizes 53-2142 – 53-2143 – 53-2144 – 53-2146
3M EASY SCRUB EXPRESS FLAT MOP SYSTEM – interchangeable bottles fit quickly into the lightweight handle. Dramatically reduces waste and ensures precise dispensing of cleaning solution to the work site. 16 inch frame size fits the 45 cm (18in) mops. The mop is made with dual fibre construction with scrubbing stripes. To help reduce cross contamination, these mops are available in green, red and blue. 45 cm (18") 53-F-ESX-Tool
RUBBERMAID HYGEN FLOOR MOPS include a series of colour coded dry and damp mops. The Damp Room Mop is made with a premium split nylon/polyester blend microfibre and provides optimal damp mopping performance. Proven to clean floors 45% better than string mops. Floor mops are 45 cm (18"). 72-Q410-13
RUBBERMAID HYGEN FLEXIBLE DUSTING WAND picks up dust and debris. Bend wand to any shape. For dry use only. Attaches to all Quick-Connect handles. Use with Flexi-Duster Frame 72-T499-10


Did you know?

With its millions of tiny, super absorbent strands, microfibre cloths can reach down inside the smallest indentations of most hard surfaces. This increased surface contact ensures dirt and germs are removed from the surface and retained until the cloth is ready to be laundered. Microfibre flat mopping systems provide up to 45% better cleaning performance when compared to conventional mopping systems.


Created by L'expert / The Expert | 12 March 2013