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Green Cleaning Floor Machines

Defining what makes a floor machine green is not an easy task as there is no green certification program for floor machines. The first step to choosing cleaning equipment that has a lesser on the impact on the environment is to look at the definition of green.

Green is defined as those products that "reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose". With this definition in mind, there are guidelines that can help you make better green choices.

The intent of LEED EB:O&M is to reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particulate contaminants, which adversely affect air quality, human health, building finishes, building systems and the environment, from powered cleaning equipment. This intent is applicable to all green cleaning programs.

LEED EB:O&M has several operational requirements before a facility can become certified. Applicants must:

  • Implement a program for the use of janitorial equipment that reduces building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Keep a log for all powered cleaning equipment to document the date of equipment purchase and all repair and maintenance activities and include vendor specification sheets for each type of equipment in use.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a policy for the use of low impact powered cleaning equipment currently being used and make a plan for upgrading to powered cleaning equipment that reduces building contaminants and minimizes environmental impact. When it comes to cleaning equipment requirements, LEED EB:O&M has several specific requirements. For floor machines the requirements are the following:
  • Powered floor maintenance machines, including electric and battery-powered floor buffers and burnishers, are equipped with vacuums, guards and/or other devices for capturing fine particulates and operate with a sound level of less than 70 decibels.
  • Battery-powered equipment uses environmentally preferable gel batteries.
  • Powered equipment is ergonomically designed to minimize vibration, noise and user fatigue.

These requirements can be very helpful in identifying green equipment as part of a comprehensive green cleaning program.

Choose from one these many options in floor machines to green your floor care program


TASKI Ergodisc 300 is a high speed, multi-purpose, single disc, swing machine (300 rpm) that can spray clean, scrub, strip, restore marble and shampoo carpets. With a working width of 17" this handyman model has a centre feed dispensing system, has a 17 operating positions handle which provides operating comfort and convenience. The offset motor counteracts drive torque and results in lower operator fatigue. The ergonomic handle is convenient for all users, big or small and provides hand protection and a double lock power switch for improved operator safety. 80-8003830
TASKI Ergodisc 1200 – the Speedmaster An ultra high speed, single disc machine with a speed of 1200 rpm and a working width of 20". A floating pad drive gives a constant working pressure and enables the machine to be used on uneven floors. An electrical spray unit is fitted as standard. A front steering wheel provides greater manoeuvrability and straight line action. Power Cord Length – 82'. 80-8004680
TASKI Ergodisc 175 is the most versatile floor care machine (20'') in the industry with a full range of accessories including a water tank. Low speed single disc machine (175 rpm) with high versatility through a wide range of cleaning tasks, especially in large unobstructed areas. 80-8003790
WINDSOR CHARIOT iGLOSS BURNISHER A high-gloss shine produced by a 2000 rpm flexible pad driver that includes a special dust control system. Simple battery exchange system permits multiple shift operation. 87-CB202
WINDSOR LIGHTNING 2000 Easy to operate with adjustable handle. Flexible pad driver for uniform performance. Durable steel components. Unique active dust control system to capture dust particles. 20'' burnishing path. 87-LB2000

Created by L'expert / The Expert | 11 March 2013