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Green Floor Care

Hard floor Care represents between 40 – 85% of the annual cleaning budget. For this reason, having floor care products that clean efficiently, while reducing the impact of cleaning process on the environment, is not always an easy task. Floor care can be directly linked to the overall appearance of a building and is a critical component is assuring the safety and health of the building occupants. A green hard floor care cleaning program must evaluate all the components of a cleaning process. These components include the chemicals, the equipment and tools chosen and the frequency/scheduling prescribed to achieve the desired cleanliness levels.

Here are some guidelines you can follow when assembling your hard floor care cleaning program


  • Capture soil at entry points of your building. A good matting program will save hours in your cleaning budget and improve your indoor air quality
  • Focus your cleaning efforts on high traffic areas. This is usually the first 3 to 5 metres of the main entrances of a building. By capturing dirt early, it prevents the dirt from being spread throughout the building.


  • Reduce the number of chemicals used in your operation. This will eliminate confusion and facilitate both employee training and compliance
  • Use green chemical products that are third party certified. Using third party certified chemical products eliminates the guessing game if a product is truly green.
  • Use neutral pH products for daily cleaning. This protects your floor finishes and surfaces and can reduce the frequency required to strip and refinish your floor surfaces.
  • Use super concentrates with automatic dilution systems. This eliminates waste and dilution errors and greatly reduces packaging going to the waste stream.
  • Focus the use of disinfectants to areas where germ transfers are likely to occur.


  • Utilize equipment and processes that reduce water and chemical usage
  • Use floor machines and autoscrubbers that control water use while maximizing cleaning and solution recovery
  • Purchase equipment that incorporates a water recycling feature
  • Use gel or AGM batteries and high frequency chargers
  • Use motors with low energy consumption
  • Have a good maintenance program to ensure machines operate efficiently. A good maintenance program will also reduce possible machine down time which can affect your cleaning standards

Green Floor Care

Use this chart to select the best certified products for your Green Floor Care program.





VERT-2-GO Oxy Neutral Cleaner

11-12630-03 3 L
11-12630-04 4 L
11-12630-20 20 L
11-12630-45 205 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WConcentrated formula that delivers superior cleaning performance without damaging floor finish. With its neutral pH, it is safe and ideal for daily applications and its controlled foam performance makes it perfect for use in auto-scrubbers.

All Purpose Cleaner

11-12570-03 3 L
11-12570-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WCan be used for cleaning floors and most other water washable surfaces. Can also be used for Scrub and Recoat floor cleaning in auto-scrubbers.

Floor Cleaner

11-12625-03 3 L
11-12625-04 4 L
11-12625-20 20 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WVOC and fragrance free formulation that is designed for use in automatic scrubbers and in mop and bucket applications. Works well in both soft and hard water and doesn't require rinsing.

Storm Rinse

11-12605-04 4L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WIce melters do a great job keeping outdoor areas safe for walking but they can be a serious problem for indoor maintenance. Can help eliminate the ice melter residue problem that dulls / damages floor finishes and encrusts carpeting.


11-12400-04 4 L
11-12400-20 20 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WFast-acting, low-foaming solution specially designed for deep scrubbing of floors. Excellent performance on finishes hardened by propane burnishing. Removes the top most micro-layer of finish that contains embedded dirt, leaving surfaces spotless.

Floor Degreaser

05-12210-03 3 L
05-12210-04 4 L
05-12210-20 20 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WTriple action cleaning: lifts soil, breaks it down and digests it. Its innovative formula provides immediate cleaning of embedded residual soils. Makes floors safer by lifting away greasy build-up that causes slipperiness. The biotechnology
continues to work hours after application.

Supreme Floor

01-12155-04 4 L
01-12155-20 20 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WZinc free, Alkyl-Phenol free, phthalate free, provides a protective glossy coating for floors with good traffic wear resistance and good buff response. Suitable for most floor types such as vinyl, vinyl composite (VCT) and sealed terrazzo and concrete floors.

Floor Stripper

03-12235-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WDesigned for use on traditional and zinc-free floor finishes. It is not formulated with strong caustics and is easily neutralized. It is also low odour.

Neutra Strip

03-12105-04 4 L
03-12105-20 20 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WSpecifically designed to provide effective stripping of floor finish from linoleum and other alkaline-sensitive floors while being completely safe when used as directed. It is also low odour.




Created by L'expert / The Expert | 4 March 2013