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Green Washroom Cleaning

When cleaning washrooms, protecting both health and the environment must be respected. Washroom cleaning needs to take into consideration the following:

Protecting Health

  • Disinfect/sanitize emphasizing touch-points
  • Minimize slip/fall hazards
  • Protect cleaning personnel and occupants
  • Minimize exposure to toxins/hazardous productsBody fluids


    • Needles
    • Waterless urinal cartridges
    • Air quality

Protect the Environment

  • Reduce material consumption
  • Use concentrated chemicals with the proper dilution technology


    • Use controlled dispensing hand towel and toilet paper dispensers
  • Use Certified green cleaning products and paper products
  • Reduce water use by installing automatic faucets, automatic flush valves on toilets and urinals
  • Reduce energy use by using motion sensor lighting
  • Reduce environmental impact of cleaning process by following proper disposal of waste water and packaging

Green Cleaning Your Washroom Should Include The Following Procedures:

  • Focus on touch/contact points. These are areas where disease transmission can occur
  • Use colour coding and special cloth folding technique to minimize cross contamination
  • Respect dwell time for disinfectants / sanitizers as indicated on product labels
  • Dilute chemicals properly as per label and training
  • Apply to minimize spray mists
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Dispose of all waste properly.


  • Colour coded microfibre cloths will help to prevent cross contamination.
  • Use a dedicated colour of microfibre cloth to only clean washrooms. This could be red/pink or yellow. This dedicated colour will indicate a higher risk of cross contamination
  • Change cloths sides after cleaning each new surface such as sinks, toilets, dispensers
  • Always follow the cleaning principle of starting by cleaning “clean, less contaminated” surfaces and progressively working towards dirtier or more contaminated surfaces. This prevents the potential of cross contamination
  • For large mirrors, use a squeegee. This technique uses less disposable towels and gives streak free results. Saves time too!

Green Washroom Cleaning

Use this chart to select the best certified products for your Green Washroom Cleaning Program.





Glass Cleaner

11-12560-03 3 L
11-12560-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WConcentrated glass cleaner that offers superior streak free performance without the use of alcohol, ammonia or solvents.

Washroom Cleaner
and Deodorize

11-12235-03 3 L
11-12235-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WAn all in one product for all your washroom cleaning needs. This product cleans and controls odours exceptionally well.

Scrub E-Z

07-12140-11 1 L
07-12140-03 3 L
07-12140-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WHeavy Duty Washroom Cleaner works on contact. It quickly and effectively removes even the toughest bathroom soils. No scrubbing is required. It is highly concentrated for optimized economy.

Washroom Cleaner

07-12530-03 3 L
07-12530-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WFoaming cleaner that uses gentle soaps and natural organic acids to power through the toughest soap scum and hard water stains.

Odour Contro

20-12280-11 1 L
20-12280-04 4 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WCombines two technologies: Fast acting chemistry for immediate odour control and biotechnology for long term odorous compound degradation. Good for hard surfaces and carpets.

Cream Cleanser

11-12640-11 1 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WPolishes as it cleans and brightens. Will not scratch or etch. Removes dirt, soils, hard water deposits and stains. Clings to vertical surfaces for prolonged cleaning. Will minimize the need to use acid cleaners.

Blue Force Bowl

07-12135-11 1 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WCleaner is formulated using new highly effective "organic acids" to cling to the surface of the toilet bowl or urinal, resulting in an effective and effortless daily or heavy duty cleaning.

Urinal Pucks

With Screen 55-18NEWIT-CS
Without Screen 55-1862933-CS

Canadian-EcoLogo_WDesigned to control odours in urinals while continuously cleaning the drainage system with enzymes and micro-organisms that transform organic soil into water and carbon dioxide.

Lotion Hand Soap

13-12360-04 4 L
13-12360-45 205 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WIts pH is balanced to match with the pH of the skin. Unscented and colorless, it produces a rich and thick lather and leaves skin feeling soft.

Foam Hand Soap

13-12365-04 4 L
13-12365-45 205 L

Canadian-EcoLogo_WWith added moisturizer, it helps prevent dryness of the skin.

HFS Hand Soap

QFS 90-5165-03-CS 3×1250 mL
HFS 90-5665-02-CS 2×1250 mL

Canadian-EcoLogo_WMild, biodegradable foam soap formula which produces a rich, premium lather.



Created by L'expert / The Expert | 28 February 2013