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Hand Towel Systems

Hand Towel systems are an important component to keeping a building clean and healthy. The right choice of a hand drying system will also reduce the impact your facility has on the environment. It is important that the hand drying  system you choose addresses both the hygienic and environmental concerns of your building. A healthy, clean building is your goal. You want a hand towel system that will promote good hand hygiene practices, yet prevent wasteful consumption and unnecessary amounts of paper ending up in landfill sites.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the hand towel system that is right for you

  1. Find out how the paper is made. Not all hand towels made using recycled materials are the same. Look for towels that are manufactured using 80% less water, use less energy and use renewable energy where possible. Always  choose hand towels that are green third party certified.
  2. Where the available footprint on the wall permits, choose a controlled flow hand towel system. Paper dispensers that control the amount of paper dispensed will be the most cost effective option and have the largest  reduction of paper waste going to landfill. Dispensing options that require less frequent refilling also reduce maintenance costs and “no paper” situations.
  3. Choose a dispensing system that limits hand contact with the dispenser to access the hand towel. Avoiding touching the towel cabinet prevents potential cross contamination. Hands Free, controlled dispensing options are a great solution for reducing waste, costs and the potential for spreading germs.
  4. Place a waste container near the door entrance. Proper hand washing protocol dictates to use a hand towel to turn off taps and open the door upon leaving the restroom. By having a waste receptacle strategically placed  near the entryway of the washrooms, towels end up in the trash, not on the floor.

Did you know?

  • Most people take on average 10 seconds to wash their hands, whereas proper hand washing requires at least 20 seconds. Singing Happy Birthday twice is a good way to ensure that you spend the necessary time to wash your  hands adequately.
  • Most people don’t have time to wait in line to dry their hands using the hand dryer, and when they do, they often leave before their hands are completely dry. While damp hands can transfer up to 60,400 bacteria, properly dried hands can only spread 200 of them, thus reducing the risk of contamination. Paper towels are the best way to ensure your hands are thoroughly dried!
  • 61% of Canadians prefer paper hand towels, while only 30% prefer hand dryers. (According to an Ipsos Descarie study)

A few interesting facts:

  • Envirologic paper products avoided the cutting of 187 093 trees in 2009. This represents approximately 453 football fields.
  • Envirologic paper products saved 681 537 m³ of water due to a manufacturing process that conserve water during production. This is equivalent to 273 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • Envirologic Paper Products are Ecologo certified and meet the requirements for LEED EB: O&M certification and other sustainable-building programs.




TANDEM No Touch Towel Dispenser | The Touchless Tandem towel dispenser controls release of paper, dramatically reducing waste and consumption. State-of-the art mechanism reduces tabbing. Streamlined, sleek appearance fits easily with a variety of tastes and décor. See-through cover means it's easy to know when to refill. The towel dispenser operates smoothly and quietly. No-touch design eliminates cross-contamination. 63-1873


P-1 Towel Dispenser | Controlled dispensing, large capacity, and stub roll feature make the P-1 the ideal towel dispenser for high traffic washrooms. Its rugged construction ensures dependable service and the P-1's contemporary style fits in with any decor. 63-20006


P-8 Towel Dispenser | Projecting just 3 3/4" from the wall, the P-8 is the ideal multifold dispenser for areas where space is at a premium, such as small washroom and office kitchens. In the health care sector, the P-8 offers the added advantage of touchfree dispensing, reducing the risks of cross contamination in treatment & patient rooms. 57-P8


P-17 The ultimate 'No Touch' towel dispenser | Reliability, silent operation and a stub roll transfer mechanism are just a few of this towel dispenser's features. Constructed of tough resins and stainless steel, the HACCP compliant P-17 stands up well to most cleaning solutions. 63-2005


Mini-Ultrafold Towel Dispenser | The Mini-Ultrafold dispenser's low profile design makes it ideal for small places. This system offers a touchless, smooth, and one-at-atime towel presentation of singlefold or multifold towels. 57-T1750TBKWW


Hand Towel Dispenser | Recommended for 8" and 10" roll towels and singlefold towels. 57-101


Twister Centre Pull Dispenser | TWISTER System significantly reduces the risks of cross contamination. No handle to turn or bar to push – the only thing you touch is the paper, The TWISTER System is HACCP compliant. 63-20009

Created by L'expert / The Expert | 5 March 2013