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Green Equipment Vacuum Cleaners

High-performance vacuum cleaners have a significant impact on improved indoor air quality (IAQ). At the same time, vacuums that effectively remove and contain soil will help carpet last longer. Better performing vacuums provide a greater return on your investment and ensure a healthier indoor environment, both important considerations when choosing green cleaning systems.

To earn the CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label certification, vacuums must pass independent laboratory tests in soil removal, dust containment and carpet fibre retention. Vacuums can be certified as bronze, silver or gold based on the following performance achievements.


Soil Removal

Dust Containment

Bronze40 – 49%≤ 100 μg/m3 of dust particles
Silver50 – 54%≤ 100 μg/m3 of dust particles
Gold≥ 55%≤ 35 μg/m3 of dust particles


Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is an important consideration when choosing a green vacuum. Recent studies have indicated that there are more pollutants inside a building than outside. With allergic reactions and Asthma on the rise, poor indoor air quality also accounts for large number of sick days. People can inhale particles 10 microns and smaller. The key to choosing a green vacuum is finding one that has high filtration collection systems to retrieve soil and safely contain harmful particles, preventing them from being reintroduced into the built environment. This is an important step to having a green, healthy building.

Air movement is critical to good filtration. Air filters that are not changed frequently or are not properly maintained cannot collect the harmful particles and remove them from the air. Choice of vacuum filters varies from:

  • Poor – conventional cloth filters
  • Good – paper filters
  • Better – "hospital grade" – fleece bags
  • Best – certified/sealed HEPA


What is HEPA?

A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter has a minimum particle collection efficiency of 99.97% (that is, a maximum particle penetration of 0.03%) for 0.3-μ particles.

What is ULPA?

An ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) filter has a collection efficiency of 99.999% (that is a maximum particle penetration of 0.001%) for particles in the size range of 0.1 to 0.2 μ.

What is difference between True HEPA,Sealed HEPA and HEPA like?

For a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner to be effective, the vacuum cleaner must be designed so that all the air drawn into the machine is expelled through the filter, with none of the air leaking past it. This is often referred to as "Sealed HEPA" or sometimes "True HEPA." Vacuum cleaners simply labeled HEPA have a HEPA filter, but not all air necessarily passes through it. An affordable and recommended alternative to TRUE HEPA vacuums is to select a vacuum with a multi-filter vacuum system utilizing HEPA media. Vacuums with HEPA media maximize cleaning while furnishing excellent filter performance. Vacuum cleaner filters marketed as "HEPA-like" will typically use a filter of a similar construction to HEPA, but without the filtering efficiency. Because of the extra density of a HEPA filter, HEPA vacuum cleaners require more powerful motors to provide adequate cleaning power.

What is a Micron?

A micron (μ) is a unit of measure, used by the cleaning industry, to describe particles that are extremely small.

one micron = 1/25,000 in. bacteria is .4 to 10μ
a human hair averages 70μ mold is 1.2 to 90μ

Vacuums selection is an important component of LEED EB:o&M IEQ credit 3.4



Canister Vacuums

CRI "Silver"TASKI vento 15 – Features a multifunctional handle design that incorporates a number of features including an intuitive opening mechanism, ergonomic foot operated on/off switch and a convenient cable wrap. The Vento 15 utilizes industry leading filtration system consisting of a new disposable fleece bag, filter cloth, motor protection filter and optional exhaust filter. Additional HEPA filtration is also available as an option. Has received the Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute. 80-7514415
 TASKI vacumat 22 – Low noise levels (64 dB/A), stability and quality construction. User friendly, this model features a hand carry bar and comfortable grip to facilitate emptying out dirty water. A specially designed mechanical float system with dual filtre guarantees double protection for the motor unit and a significantly prolonged service life. 80-8004290
 TASKI vacumat 22T – Combines superior suction performance with easy use. Together with the fixomat squeegee for wet vacuuming this vac gives excellent drying results. Thanks to the trolley-based construction, the TASKI vacumat 22T is extremely maneuverable and easy to transport, even up and down stairs. 80-7510805
CRI "Silver"9VDVSS44 DVAC Straight Suction Vacuum Cleaner Combines 3 cleaning passes (Dusting + Vacuuming + Waste Collection) into one thereby eliminating non-productive travel times. EASY: An ergonomic arched handle makes manoeuvring easy. Caddy design makes it easy to organize & retrieve on-board cleaning supplies & vacuuming tools. 72-9VDVPN44

Upright Vacuums

CRI Seal of
WINDSOR'S SENSOR® S 12" and 15" (300 mm or 380mm) – Features a powerful 1200 watt vacuum motor developing 105 cfm. Electronic controls warn of full bag, a clog, inaccurate brush height or jammed brush conditions. A three step filtration system which traps 99.6% of air borne particles at 0.3 microns is standard and significantly improves indoor air quality. 12": 87-SRS12 15": 87-SRS15
CRI Green
WINDSOR'S SENSOR® XP 12", 15" or 18" (300, 380 or 460mm) – Features a powerful 1200 watt vacuum motor developing 105 cfm. An electronic sensor automatically adjusts brush height for carpet pile or hard surface floors. An indicator light warns of full bag, a clog or jammed brush conditions. A three step filtration system which traps 99.6% of air borne particles at 0.3 microns is standard, with an optional HEPA filtre available. 12": 87-SRXP12 15": 87-SRXP15 18": 87-SRXP18
CRI Seal of
WINDSOR'S VERSAMATIC® 14" or 18" (360 mm or 460 mm) Quality two-motor upright vac featuring a 1,000 watt vacuum motor producing 105 cfm, light handle weight in the working position, a pull-out suction hose for above the floor vacuuming and detachable floor head allowing conversion to a portable hand-held vacuum. Built in electronics monitor machine efficiency for brush and suction performance. 14": 87-VS14 18": 87-VS18
CRI "Silver"TASKI Jet 38 / 50 Upright Vacuums feature a dual motor system for maximum air flow. High speed brushes (Jet 38 – 5000 rpm, Jet 50 – 4500 rpm.) effectively remove soil from the carpet fibres and enhance the appearance of the floor covering. Light weight for easy maneuverability, the Jet 38 / 50 can be used in a horizontal position to clean underneath beds and furniture. The flexible hose, telescopic handle and on board crevice and dusting tools allow for above floor cleaning. The brush height is easily adjusted to accommodate various types of carpeting. The Jet 38 / 50 utilizes a 5 stage filtration system for improved air quality. An optional HEPA filtre is available. Jet 38: 80-7516263 Jet 50: 80- 7516264

Wide Area Vacs

CRI Seal
of Approval
WINDSOR'S NuWave™ 26" (660 mm) Wide Area Vacuum – Cleaner carpet, cleaner building, cleaner air. Dual, counter-rotating brushes agitate, lift and clean both sides of the carpet nap, removing 50% more soil on one pass. Floating brush deck maintains constant contact with carpet surface and requires no operator adjustment. Two proprietary designed 1.1 hp vacuum motors deliver higher air flow for deep carpet cleaning. Productivity of 11,000 ft2/hr. Extra large 10" non-marking rear wheels and two large 3" front casters deliver superior maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue. Multiple position soft grip handle is ergonomically designed to reduce skeletal and muscular strain on the operator. East-to-access accessory tool suction port. Handle folds flat for compact storage. Easy bag removal, and 98% filtration bag improves air quality. 87-10125330
CRI Green LabelWINDSOR'S WAVE® 28" (710 mm) Wide Area Vacuum is a high productivity wide area vacuum with a 28" cleaning path. Two 1.1 hp vacuum motors provide 224 cfm airflow (105 ltrs/sec. The Wave's features include on-board accessory tools, extension hose and attached wand, enclosed bag-in-bag design and four stage filtration system for improved indoor air quality. Six brush height adjustments and a built-in brush suspension system ensure consistant brush contact with the floor surface. The ergonomic design provides the operator with outstanding sight-lines and increased comfort. Handle folds over the bag housing for compact storage. An optional HEPA filtration kit is available. 87-WAV
CRI Seal
of Approval
Chariot iVac 24" ATV multi-surface HEPA vacuum is design with Windsor's Patented Chariot Stand-On Cleaning Technology* for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors. Can be used to increase productivity in applications where a sweeper, wide area vacuum, back pack vacuum or dust mop is currently utilized. Quieter than a traditional wide area vacuum with the same pick-up performance. Comes standard with a 10' hose and two-piece bristle and nozzle hand-tool set for off-aisle cleaning without having to use another machine. 87-98409180

Back Pack Vacuums

CRI "Bronze"PROTEAM The QuietPro BP HEPA with QuietPower® Technology delivers high performance and exceptional cleaning strengths for environments where low sound levels are critical. Never worry about disrupting building occupants during regular business hours again. 68-107146
CRI "Silver"PROTEAM Super HalfVac™ HEPA – Innovation redefined – the new Super HalfVac HEPA. This powerful, versatile vacuum provides superior cleaning power in a lightweight, compact vacuum. Ergonomically designed for commercial cleaners who rely on durability and easy maneuverability. Includes a revolutionary five level filtration system for the ultimate cleaning performance. 68-107120
CRI "Bronze"PROTEAM GoVac BP Freedom to clean without the barrier of power cords has been a demand of professional cleaners for years. ProTeam's GoVac BP offers extreme versatility and power for every cleaning situation. From detail cleaning in stairwells and elevators to offices, schools and commercial buildings, this unit performs with ease and convenience. 68-106803





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