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Green Cleaning Vapour Machines

Vapor steam cleaners have become more popular for cleaning carpets and other surfaces because they effectively clean with just the use of steam. Steam vapor sanitation systems can remove stubborn stains, grime, mildew, mold, and embedded dirt from all kinds of surfaces. The machines easily clean wheel chairs, railings for sliding doors, and many soft surfaces such as drapes and upholstered furniture. Vapor steam cleaners can also kill bacteria and viruses, which is why they are a great choice for areas that have people that are sensitive to allergens. They are often used to help eradicate bed bugs from dorm, resident or guest rooms. Commercial units come with optional vaccum units to leave surfaces free of any moisture.

How They Work

Vapor steam cleaners have been widely used in the commercial cleaning industry and in Europe. The systems on the market today use low-pressure steam to sanitize, clean and deodorize. You can use ordinary tap water – or distilled water if you have hard water. The water is heated in the machine's boiler to approx. 145oC to form low-moisture steam vapor. The water cools as it is applied.

Vapor steam cleaners can be used to clean any hard or soft surface, including grout, tile, windows, and car interiors. Different attachments can be used to clean crevices and hard to reach areas. A removable towel is placed on the end of an applicator to remove dirt during carpet or floor cleaning. The towel absorbs most of the surface dirt. Other surfaces can be wiped with an absorbent towel or cloth after being treated with a vapor steam cleaner.

Why They Work

Vapor steam cleaners use dry steam, which is only about 6% water — that is less moisture than is in the air we breathe. This means that vapor steam cleaning will not over-saturate carpets and upholstery and the moisture begins to evaporate almost immediately on the surface. The machines can produce thousands of gallons of steam per hour with just a little bit of water.


Safe to use on many different kinds of surfaces, including tile, vinyl, stone, sealed hardwood, stainless steel, fiberglass and chrome. Different applications make the machines suitable for carpets, bedding, windows, fabrics, mirrors, grills and ovens. Vapor steam cleaners immediately kill dust mites and mold spores, and can melt away grease, grime, build-up, and stubborn stains.

Vapor steam will not leave your carpets and upholstery saturated with moisture. The low-level moisture left behind will dry quickly. Penetrates cracks and crevices and reaches deeply into carpets and upholstery. Check with the manufacturer before using vapor steam to clean carpets, rugs, or upholstery to ensure that hot steam is a recommended cleaning method.

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