Our short swimming season always seems to go by too quickly. Believe it or not, it’s already time to think about preparing your spa for winter.

The good news is that unlike pools , some spas can be used year-round (which is one of the main advantages of owning one)! Although spas are generally equipped to run 12 months of the year, some owners prefer to close them for the winter.

Using a spa during the winter months

  • Simply continue with the same maintenance routine as during the summer months. If you’ll be using the spa less often, reduce the amount of sanitizer added.
  • Keep the water temperature at or above 30oC (85oF).
  • Regularly check that the spa pumps and water heater are functioning properly.

If you’d rather close your spa for the winter months

Be sure to continue your regular maintenance routine right up until you do so, including a full water analysis. The longer you keep your spa clean, the less dirt and bacteria will accumulate in your spa, reducing the risk of contamination.

Winterizing a spa involves several steps: emptying the spa, pipes, pumps and water heater with a vacuum or blower, cleaning all components/parts, insulating the plumbing and storing the accessories. Never cut corners when closing a spa. A proper closing will preserve its lifespan and prevent breakage and unpleasant surprises come next spring.

Pro tips and advice

  • Always keep your filtration system running until you’re ready to close your spa. Not only will this keep the water clear but, more importantly, it will protect the equipment from freezing.
  • Clean and rinse the spa before draining it. This will help to prevent limescale buildup.
  • Add an anti-freeze that’s specially designed for spa pipes to protect the plumbing.
  • Always keep the spa covered when empty.
  • Place a Styrofoam block at the bottom of the spa to support the cover. This will prevent the cover from sagging under the weight of any accumulated snow.

When in doubt, consult your local spa retailer or spa expert. They will have lots of helpful information and advice.