Sustainable development is already integral to the philosophy of the vast majority of Canadian companies. Eager to adopt more sustainable practices, the managers of these companies adhere to environmental performance and environmental awareness ideologies, such as those proposed by the LEED system.

The LEED® rating system consists of 136 points and recognizes building performance in 8 categories that have positive impacts both environmentally and socially.

The 8 categories applicable for LEED credits are:

8 categories applicable for LEED credits

These categories ensure that a LEED®-certified building promotes the safety of people while also reducing its environmental footprint. Handling chemicals therefore contravenes these two key criteria.

Using a closed-loop cleaning chemical dispensing system allows companies to comply with LEED® certification. This type of system reduces contact with concentrated formulas and thereby the risk of accidents. Using concentrated formulas also means less packaging, which reduces the carbon footprint of transporting materials, leading to positive ecological and environmental impacts.