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Sani Marc Gel Technology Enhances Food Safety, Sustainability and the Bottom Line

Recently, Sani Marc conducted a study to precisely calculate the benefits related to Sani Marc Gel Technology.

Being a leader of Gel Technology, Sani Marc knew that gel provided serious advantages to customers, namely in chemical spending. This was easily proven in the past. Sani Marc also knew that gel offered potential savings in labour and water usage as well as increased cleaning efficiency but it had been unquantifiable to date.
So Sani Marc set out to do a study to precisely quantify to what extent the Gel Technology optimized their customers’ operations.
The results were impressive.
  • Savings  Chemical – up to 60% – provided from the equipment used compared to foam coming from the size of the nozzle and the on/off trigger.
  • Water – up to 50% – mostly from rinsing but also from the application of cleaning solution
  • Labour – up to 40% – mostly from rinsing – as it takes less time to rinse

These “hard” savings  are quantifiable. There are also the “softer” benefits to consider such as:

  • Optimal Cleaning Performance – from the increased contact time and thixotropic properties of gel
  •  Increased Food Safety – gel provides enhanced cleaning performance
  • Flexibility – no compressed air, length of hose is limitless, ready-to-use – no adjustments required to dispense chemical correctly
  • Health and Safety – less misting in the air – easier on the lungs of cleaning technicians
  • Ergonomic: easier on the body – smaller hose, no compressed air, less weight
  • Equipment – savings – from limited equipment investment
  • Environment – less water and chemical used to treat the water resulting in lower water discharge costs

​This study helped Sani Marc conclude that gel is not only good for customers’ bottom line but it also has a strong environmental impact.

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