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How good is your gym hygiene ?

When you’re at the gym, do you wash your hands before AND after using every machine? Do you bring your own water bottle or drink directly from the tap? Do you bring your own mat and/or towel (and do you clean them often)? Do you always shower after your workout? If you answered “no” to...

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Heading to the Gym? Steer Clear of the Germs

Do you go to the gym? If you do, it’s probably because you care about your health and want to stay in shape. But did you know that gyms are breeding grounds for germs and can actually make you sick? It’s no secret that gyms are the ideal environment for spreading germs, what with all...

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Out of Breath? Wipe, Don’t Spray!

It’s standard practice for most people who work out at a gym to clean equipment before and after using it – for the obvious hygiene reasons but also out of respect for others. Despite these good intentions, using a disinfectant spray can be downright irritating to the nearby folks who inevitably end up inhaling these...

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