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Gluten-Free Food: The Latest Trend or a Lifestyle Worth Adopting?

For a very long time, wheat went hand-in-hand with good health. In fact, at one time it was the key staple in many people’s diet. But a growing number of consumers are now associating gluten-free foods with higher energy levels and weight loss. A recent study even reported that 78% of people who buy gluten-free...

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Allergens 101

Sarah is an active little girl who is hungry all the time! But even when her mom makes her favourite food, eating is no longer fun. Sarah suffers from several severe food allergies. Just a few weeks ago, Sarah was rushed to the hospital and almost died. Simply because she had eaten something containing an...

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What do you know about Food Allergies?

  How familiar are you with food allergies? Do you know the difference between an intolerance and an allergy? Learn more about this increasingly common problem that’s not to be taken lightly! First, it’s important to know that an intolerance is not life threatening, but it can certainly negatively impact a person’s quality of life....

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