Biofilms have been identified as a reservoir of harmful bacteria including antibiotic resistant organisms. The spread of infection in healthcare settings from pathogens hiding within biofilms in drains has been documented and is an emerging concern in healthcare.

Sani Marc has created the Bioassure Process to help remove the guesswork and get measurable results in controlling the biofilm in drains and controlling the risk of infection from drain biofilms. The process is based around Sani Marc’s Bioassure disinfectant and this makes the process unique and effective. Bioassure disinfectant is the first DIN registered disinfectant in Canada with a label claim to kill bacteria and destroy biofilm in just 5 minutes of contact time.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips to help understand what is needed to get the best results from your biofilm control program using the Bioassure Process:

  • Understand that biofilm control is part of the new standard in cleaning for health in patient/resident rooms. This is needed to address drain contamination where contact isolation has been required, Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteria (CPE)/Carbapenemase Producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae (CPKP) have been detected or areas where high risk of infection is a concern.
  • Dedicate the use of the machine to trained staff to ensure you get the best results from the process. Anyone that can pump gas into their own cars can become an expert with just one hour of use after a one-hour training session. Training videos are also available to help users maintain their skill set if their use of the machine is infrequent.
  • Plan to use the machine at first where you will get the most benefit – rooms under contact isolation precautions, ICU, OR, NICU, Burn Units or any rooms where the presence of CPE or CPKP has been detected in the drain. Up to 5 hours per week will get control of approximately 50 drains in your facility. Adding up to 10 hours per week will enable you to create a risk-based treatment plan to cover your entire facility.
  • Use a drain clog remover to unclog blocked or very slow drains before using Bioassure Process. This speeds up the rinsing process and helps remove physical protection provided by drain debris to biofilms.
  • Don’t forget to plan for the treatment of shower drains as well as handwashing/washroom sinks as shower drain biofilms can also be a reservoir of pathogens.
  • Educate staff, patients/residents and visitors through signs and other methods that food, drinks and waste should not be poured into sinks to minimize biofilm regrowth rates.

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