How to keep any floor looking like new longer?

Avoid dragging furniture or heavy objects along the surface of the floor when you need to move them. Attach felted pads under the legs of furniture and chairs so that you can easily glide them without scuffing the surface. Check the pads periodically for wear, and replace them when needed.

How to keep office floors looking like new longer?

Never use wheeled chairs directly on the floor – use a chair mat or a hard plastic floor protector instead. Also place protectors under narrow furniture casters, or replace them with large rubber or soft polyurethane wheels.

The next time you’re at the gym

Remember to wash your hands before AND after using the machines. Bring your own water bottle, towel, and floor mats (and clean them often). And don’t forget to shower after your workout. These steps will greatly reduce your exposure to the infectious germs that thrive in hot and humid environments like gyms and locker rooms.

Why is it so important to clean floors THOROUGHLY?

Because abrasives and buildup like dirt particles and small pebbles are a direct threat to your floors! The friction of footsteps can cause these tiny troublemakers to act like sandpaper on a floor’s surface. All it takes is one puny pebble to mark the surface or damage the finish!

Tip: Vacuum as often as needed, and place mats both inside and outside entrances to trap these floor-scratching abrasives.

Pool season is finally here!

But don’t be fooled – clear water doesn’t always mean safe water. Even crystal clear pool water can still contain bacteria, phosphates and blue-green algae. That’s why you should always disinfect the water when opening your pool.