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Urine Odours: It’s Time to Clear the Air!

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We’ve all encountered them at one time or another: those bathrooms that only the bravest (or at least the most tolerant) will use.

In fact, most of us could probably list a few of these “avoid at all cost” public bathrooms off the top of our head. That’s because once you encounter a bathroom like that, you rarely forget it. Most cities and businesses have them.

Ever hear this? “I love this place. The service is great, but I wouldn’t even let my dog ​​use their bathroom.”

Even if your bathrooms haven’t quite reached that point, this comment aptly sums up how important it is to have clean bathrooms. And a clean bathroom can’t just “look” clean; it has to “smell” clean, too. Even if the mirrors are sparkling and the door handles gleaming, foul odours are sure to leave the wrong lasting impression.

What’s behind that terrible smell? Microscopic bacteria

Most of us would agree that urine odour is one of the most nauseating smells around. But not many of us know what actually causes it. The culprits are uric acid crystals and the naturally occurring bacteria that form in bathrooms. As urine soaks into porous cracks and grout, these bacteria feed on its crystals and release that unmistakable sharp ammonia-like smell.

So in a busy bathroom, floors and surfaces become an all-you-can-eat buffet for active and hungry bacteria.

Don’t mask the problem; eliminate it

Mauvaises odeurs de toilette

Deodorants are a quick but temporary fix that merely masks unwanted odours. Bleach is a more effective solution, but it’s not a cleaner and will only work to a certain point.

To actually get rid of urine odours, you have to determine the root cause and eliminate it—something a temporary band aid solution like bleach and deodorants cannot do. Only products that clean, disinfect and sanitize will kill bacteria and eliminate the source of urine odours.

The problem is that these bacteria are quite difficult to eliminate. Masking the smell they release is even harder. In fact, once most people realize just how tricky it is, they tend to throw up their hands and accept defeat.

But there is hope! There are now new tools and specially formulated cleaning chemicals that eliminate crystals and kill odour-causing bacteria. For example, enzyme-based chemicals are designed to digest organic waste, making them extremely effective at getting rid of bacteria and their stubborn odours.

In addition to chemical treatments, there are new and improved methods for cleaning and sealing grout lines so that odours don’t reappear. Mold and mildew removers will also help to eliminate unpleasant odours; some even multi-task as a cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer—allowing you to efficiently resolve the problem in a single step.

Breathe easier

Using more efficient cleaning methods will not only bring better results; it will also save you time and money. You’ll no longer have to clean the same problem areas over and over again simply to mask stubborn odours.

Yes, you can win the battle over your foul-smelling bathrooms. You—and your clients—will breathe a whole lot easier!
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