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VERT-2-GO ED: Cleaner, disinfectant and environmentally friendly!

VERT-2-GO ED is the product of choice for cleaning professionals and to sanitize contact points.  It cleans and disinfects in one quick and simple step.

Vert-2-Go ED is an EcoLogo certified disinfectant cleaner according to CCD-166: Disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners.  Its concentrated and diluted pH of 7.5 +/-0.5 makes it a neutral product, gentle for surfaces.  It can be used as a floor cleaner on waxed surfaces without damaging the finish.  Vert-2-Go ED is recommended for everyday use for the cleaning, the disinfection and the deodorization of floors, walls, furniture, sinks, baths and showers.  The product cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one step, allowing you to realize great savings in terms of labour!

Vert-2-Go ED has successfully demonstrated its considerable versatility in terms of microbial efficacy.  Bactericidal, sanitizer, mildewstat, fungicide and virucidal even in areas of hard water at a level of concentration of (600 ppm) 1:250.

Vert-2-Go ED is one of the EcoLogo certified disinfectant cleaners with the most efficacy claims.  A comprehensive document reflecting the efficacy list is available on our B2B interactive site

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