Every day, millions of bottles, cans, containers are used in production facilities. A lubricant is used to smooth the flow of the products and improve performance.

When selecting a conveyer lubricant, certain properties are to be considered. The lube must reduce friction and allow for movement of products with maximum speed and minimum interruptions.  It should also prevent premature wear and tear of the conveyor. This aspect will benefit your output by increasing the service life of your equipment and reduce maintenance and repair costs. A smooth flowing conveyer reduces energy consumption and noise in your facility. There are different types of conveyor materials and packaging, therefore you must take the time to consult with your lube specialist to make sure you are selecting a product that is compatible with your equipment. Some lubes have an antimicrobial effect. It is important to understand that this does not mean they will eliminate contamination but prevent bacteria from proliferating.


Covoyeur métal


Convoyeur en plastique

There are two main categories to choose from in lube technologies: soap and synthetic based. Both have their pros and cons, depending on what you are working with obviously.  Below is a chart to help you with your decision.

Soap Based Synthetic Based
Efficacy *** **
Resistance to hard water ** ***
Friction reduction *** **
Cost *** **
PET compatibility Not compatible ***
Aluminum compatibility Not compatible ***
Cardboard compatibility ** **
Plastic compatibility ** **
Glass compatibility ** **

Do you have black stains on your cans? You might be using the wrong lubricant.

Do you have hard water in your plant? Think of using a synthetic lube.

Your selection will be influenced by many factors but this is a good start.

 Soap based

Synthetic Based

  • Dairy (plastic bags, cartons, glass, plastic containers)
  • Bakeries (plastic bread crates)
  • Beverage (Tetra Pak)
  • Breweries (glass only, not cans)
  • Breweries (glass and cans)
  • Bakeries (plastic bread crates)
  • Beverage (PET only, Tetra Pak, can)
  • Food preparation (glass jars, small food containers)

Sani Marc provides a full line of conveyor lubricants and has the expertise and knowledge to guide you to keep your production line running optimally.