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What’s the latest on the new WHMIS regulations?

WHIMISAs you probably know, the Government of Canada has adopted new regulations regarding the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). These new regulations will be based on the globally harmonized system (GHS) that has been adopted and implemented worldwide.

We are currently in the 24-month transition period leading up to the full implementation of these new regulations.

These new regulations will change the existing system considerably. The new system will impose a new classification of products, a new way of writing material safety data sheets and even change the content of labels.
These changes will also require employees to be trained on the new regulations.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind regarding the GHS:
•    February 11, 2015 – regulations officially filed in Ottawa
•    June 1, 2017 – end of the transition period for manufacturers (SDS and labels)
•    June 1, 2018 – end of the transition period for distributors (SDS and labels)
•    December 1, 2018 – end of the transition period for employers (SDS and labels)

Key points to keep in mind about the GHS:
•    MSDS becomes SDS
•    New classification of products
•    New pictograms
•    Little change to the text of MSDS
•    Changes to product labels

The project is well underway at Sani Marc and everything will be in place on time.

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