Snow. Slush. Salt. Ice melters. These are all sure signs that winter has arrived. These signs also bring all the salt, sand and moisture that inevitably make their way into buildings – increasing not only the risk of damage to floor surfaces, but also the risk of nasty slips and falls.

Here are 4 tips to lower these risks:

  • Install high performance matting at all entrances.

Good matting can trap 70% to 80% of the dirt tracked inside. For optimal dirt trapping, mats should be at least 15 ft (3.5 m) long.

  • Frequently review your floor care program.

To remove the 20% to 30% of dirt that manages to sneak past matting, you will probably need to increase your cleaning frequency during cold weather months.

  • Choose equipment that promotes good indoor air quality.

Opt for equipment that efficiently removes and traps dirt and contaminates. This will help to keep your indoor air clean.

  • Choose certified green cleaning chemicals.

People spend more time indoors during the winter, so cleaning products should also promote good indoor air quality. Look for certified green cleaning chemicals. They will offer the cleaning performance you need while also protecting the health of users and building occupants.